So you’ve been out of the dating game for awhile. Now that you’re back in the world of dating, you realize that a lot has changed.  That change is known as online dating.  While some people may still go old school and wait for friends to fix them up or head to the grocery store to find love in the produce section. The reality is your friends don’t have time to manage your love life.  Hanging out in the produce section of your local grocery store looking for your soul mate only happens in Lifetime movies.

      You’re too old for the bar scene. No one wants to be that person at the club, ordering drinks that last had their heyday in the 90’s. Beside who can stay up that late. That leaves the world of online dating.

     Those TV ads make it look so easy.  The average to slightly above average looking couple walking hand in hand look so happy.  You know that could be you if only you joined an online dating site.  The following tips will not find you a perfect match or have a perfect match find you.  These tips will simply help save you time in finding a close-enough match.

Things to avoid in the profile picture:

  • No dead animals in the picture.  Seriously, who are you trying to attract with that picture of  a dead fish in your hands?  If you want an outdoors type, assume they can read and just put it in your profile.
  • Do not wear a funny hat in your picture. It does not make you look fun loving and quirky. It simply makes you look loony and mentally unstable.  If you are looking for someone who is loony and mentally unstable, then keep the hat.
  • No cats or dogs posed with you.  Maybe a dog, but definitely not a cat.  You’ll look like the crazy cat lady and nobody wants to date a crazy cat lady.
  • Wear clothes.  Girls, if you are sitting in a bath tub with only bubbles to hide you, well be prepared for every weirdo on the site to contact you. Guys, not wearing a shirt indicates narcissism on your part, we get that you’re in shape. Wear a shirt. 
  • No outdated photos.  While you may think that you haven’t changed that much since you rocked the mullet, you truly have changed.  If you do meet someone in person, trust me they’ll notice the difference.

Things to avoid in your profile:

  • Avoid long narratives that chronicles past relationships.  While you truly may have learned from past mistakes, your profile is not the place to share those lessons.
  •  If you’re not into camping then don’t say you love to camp. 
  • Everybody likes to walk on the beach. 
  • If you’re into snuggling do not put it in your profile. It sounds really creepy. If it’s a euphemism for something else than just say you’re into the something else.

Things to avoid in picking a potential online date:

  • See all of the above.

     If advertisements are to be believed 1 in 5 relationships start on line, however there are no guarantees that you will be the one to have success in the online dating world. Some of the pitfalls of online dating can be avoided by following these helpful hints. However, you may still have to kiss a few frogs before your prince or princess comes along.