Cleaning up!

Many people wonder about how often they should clean their house. The answer to this question rests upon how your personality is, the motivation you have, and how frequently you clean. Based on these three questions we can determine how often you should clean your house and help it stay that way.


Your personality plays a big deal in how often you should clean your house. If you are the type of person that doesn't mind things getting messy and then doing one massive cleaning then you wouldn't mind doing things in one massive cleanup and relax for a while. For others the mere sign of a piece of paper out of place or a small piece of garbage on the floor can send them into a cleaning frenzy, so cleaning often is needed to keep them happy. Your personality is important to understand and based on how you feel that should be the very first indication of how often you should clean your house.


The next big thing you must consider is your motivation level. Some people have a personality where they want to clean often but they aren't motivated to do it which goes against their personality type. Motivation is a key player in all areas of our lives and not just cleaning up the house, so assess your level of motivation and let that play into your cleaning habits for your house clearing project. If you are able to muster up a free day and want to get everything in order you can finish all of your house cleanup projecCleaning Suppliests, or at least make significant progress towards those goals. You have to keep yourself motivated to clean to your schedule and keep it consistent. Consistency is key to staying the course and knowing how often to clean your house.

If you like to do one massive cleanup per month, then make sure that you plan out this day ahead of time so you aren't just "winging it" and instead are very intentional on your schedule to make it happen. If you clean frequently and always want things to look nice then instead of putting things on your calendar (since you clean often), make time each day set in stone so this way you engrain into your memory that this is the time to clean everything up. The importance of this cannot be understated because people lose motivation when they are lax in their goal setting. Unless you actually enjoy cleaning, when was the last time you woke up or came home from work and just wanted to do it? Probably close to never, which is why intentionality will boost your motivation and get you moving towards a cleaner place.

Importance of cleanliness

Having a house that is clean both from clutter and from dirty substances is beneficial in more ways than just for your eyes. It's healthy, and also inviting for guests. Guests who come over don't want to walk into a huge mess because it sends signals to them that you aren't a clean person, so this should also motivate you to at least clean things up once in a while at your home. Guests that come over don't demand a clean home, but they also don't expect to walk into the next nominee for the show Hoarders either. Stack things neatly away and clean up dirt and dust often so you can maintain a good look.Cleaning

The other primary benefit is for your health which is pretty obvious. If you are surrounded by dirty surfaces, dust, and all those other substances then your health can go downhill. You don't want to be putting exposed food down on a dirty kitchen counter or else you will be ingesting a whole host of germs and bacteria which won't be conducive to your good health. It's also bad to be surrounded by dust, pollen, and all other airborne particles as this can cause you to sneeze and develop allergies. Make a conscious effort to always wipe down surfaces and keep things clean so you stay healthy.

Get to it!

Based on these criteria you should have a good idea how often you should be cleaning your home. It doesn't matter if you choose to clean your house all the time or once in a while, just as long as the idea of cleaning doesn't get put to the side forever. The last thing you want to do is experience a "Hoarders" like environment where junk is everywhere, living conditions are bad, and your health suffers. Just make sure that you are active in your cleaning and how you approach it is strictly preference. Spring cleaning is upon us as of this writing, so garage sales and trash on the end of each driveway are in abundant, so now is a great time to get motivated and jump on board to getting your house cleaned out from the winter mess.