Web Design Companies

The current scenario has seen several businesses shift to the internet or keep up a website along with a physical presence. This is because the internet is a very lucrative choice for entrepreneurs, especially in the case of small businesses. This article is a run through on how websites help generate business.

Benefits of an online presence:

• It helps reduce operating costs
• It works for you 24 hours, 365 days per year
• Functions as an extra way to promote or advertise your business
• Reaches out to a huge audience.
• Makes it easier for customers to find you
• Helps you communicate with your customers who are across the globe
• Gives you good customer support
• Helps you hit a Global or National market
• Helps you Build brand awareness
• Provides an opportunity to compete with bigger players in the market
• Gives you measurable and traceable results


Considering these benefits, maintaining an online presence is definitely a profitable way of running a business. After you have decided on setting up an online business, you need to consider the various types of websites and the type that would suit you the most.

1) Information focused : These websites mainly convey information, they are passive and include almost zero interaction with the visitor. These sites  describe who you are, the products and services you offer and details like  your location. They are like flyers or brochures and do not have a call to action.

2) Lead generation focused: They are also called pre-sales websites and are like informational or static websites with the exception identifying prospects and collecting contact information or directing customers to you. That is these websites are mainly used to  find people/places suited to satisfy a need that you can address through collecting contacts.

3) Transaction focused : Such websites directly deal with buying and selling goods. Usually e-commerce websites come under this category. They usually lead the customer through a series of products, which are a solution for a problem, then the process of ordering it, payments associated with it and in some cases even the delivery of those products. These websites are built and structured with customer interaction (focused on getting sales) in mind.

4) Relationship focused: Here , websites focus on building long-term customer relations through blogs, content sharing, social networking discussion forums and sales support. These sites make way for real-time user interaction as well as user-generated content.

What to watch out for while designing your website :

Navigations play a major role in imparting an excellent user-experience. When a user enters your site you have to make sure that he can easily find what he is searching for. The user should be able to move around your website without any difficulties, in short your navigation user-friendly. Another thing to make sure is that you should keep up a wide structure such that the user reaches the destination page within 3 clicks. Besides google spiders prefer a wide architecture as compared to a narrow one.

A Clear call to action:
Just by driving targeted traffic to your you won’t be able to get good returns, you have to make sure that the user makes a ‘call to action’. Use impressive call to action buttons and direct the user in such a way that he is prone to make a call for action. Take out time to find creative and creative ways of inducing a call to action on your page.

• The size, shape, placement and color of your call to action is vital for a positive result. So work out a good way of implementing it.
• Remember not to go overboard by providing several options as it would only confuse the user. This would only lead to a no response situation.
• Most importantly keep your call to action very clear, as this would lead to faster responses.

Color and Font:
Your website should look appealing and inviting. So choose colors carefully, such that they are not a  strain on the eyes. Usually two contrasting shades coupled with black and a neutral shade works well. As for the fonts, make sure they are legible and consistent, you can vary the size to signify hierarchy.

This is a very significant part of your website, The content is what retains visitors and brings them back to your site. So take care to use fresh and interesting content as search engines prefer unique contents and give you better rankings. Also remember to update and upgrade contents regularly as both the user and search engines would love it.

Get rid of Clutter:
It’s important to de-clutter your website regularly, outdated info is of no use so remove them. Minimal is in so keep your site focused on the major aspects you wish to display and remove all irrelevant text and images . Also use as little of flash as possible as they have a negative impact on user experience. Also lavishly use white spaces as they make your site more legible and neat.

This was a round-up of the things you have to consider while creating a website.