In the past, PR has been all about promoting companies across a variety of media-forms, including:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Billboards
  • Leaflets
  • You get the gist

However, in a time when the internet has become such a huge form of media, it is becoming the most popular place for on and offline businesses to make a presence for themselves.

But, of course, it's one thing for me to be telling you this! If you are anything like me, you want to believe that the internet is this incredible being, however, you want to know the facts before committing yourself to your new existense online. Well, so that you don'thave to, I did a little research:

According to the National Statistics website, 60% of British adults surf the net every single day, with Social Media websites such as Facebook, being the most popular websites to visit. When you consider that ten years, people like myself, had never even been online once, this is pretty impressive to know.


A few years ago, the majority of regular internet users were degree educated (currently 97% of people with undergraduate degrees surf regularly).However, these days, the number of lower-end educated (no qualifications at all) individuals has risen immenesly (currently 45% of people who hold no formal qualifications go online regularly).


Users of the internet, are most likely to be aged between 16 and 24, however, that ages is rapidly rising, as more parents take to social networking to keep in touch with their offspring. Plus, with more and more jobs requiring computer use, older people are being forced to keep up, and are surfing the internet more.

What are people looking at?

  • Social networking and blogging (43% of users update their status nearly everyday)
  • Online Shopping
  • Games, including Bingo and Gambling
  • Comparison Websites
  • Checking email

This information should be taken into consideration when you are looking into who exactly your target audience is.