Pumpkin Painting IdeasCredit: amazon.comPainting pumpkins with acrylic paint, is a great alternative to the knife!

Right about now (mid October) you can get some good deals on good looking pumpkins. They are at roadside stands, farmers markets, even your grocery stores. You should buy a few, then you can make quite a statement with your painted pumpkins.

You can make these as artistically detailed or plain and simple as you want, your choice. Let your creativity go, painting pumpkins is like a 3D canvas! Kids love this project. You can create a display of numerous painted pumpkins. These are really fun, and kids can get really creative

Things You Will Need

1. Acrylic paints, in all colors (make sure they are not too runny)

2. A pumpkin design, or something you have come up with, or get ideas from the Pumpkin Painting Book (below).

3. Magic Marker

4. Lots of pumpkins (you can even use squash for this project, their shapes, make interesting designs)

5. Any kind of "add ons" you would like such as straw hats, noses, something you could either glue on or push pin on, hair, wigs from costumes, anything lying around the house, your kids will love this, and no pumpkin stringy mess!. You can get very creative here

Pumpkin Painting
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Find tons of ideas to paint pumpkins in this book.

Step 1


Take you pumpkin and make sure the surface is clean from dirt with a damp cloth, dry it off. Once dry, you can either trace your pattern on to your pumpkin or draw your own free hand style with a magic marker.

Then simply take your acrylic paints and start painting!

You can add straw hats, glue on beads, anything you want.

Then create a display for your painted pumpkins, and watch everyone take a second look at them when going by. They really stand out well, especially if you make colorful designs on them, or add hats.

Even put them at different levels, like on stools or hay bales, and group a few painted pumpkins together and you will get a really neat effect.

That is all there is to it!

There are no knives involved here, so you won't need those bandages this year! (I always cut myself, guess that is why I changed to pumpkin painting instead!)

NOTE: I personally find the smaller ones, easier to handle and decorate quite well, you can paint a lot of small ones and get an amazing effect, they seem to last a bit longer too, and are easier to manage with smaller children.

So, get painting, once you have painted one pumpkin, you won't be able to stop, it is a great surface for painting on. Also, because you have not cut into these pumpkins, they will last longer too.

Make sure and take pictures of your painted pumpkins, then you can get more ideas for next year.

Tips & Warnings

you are going to have so much fun you might have a porch full of painted pumpkins!  Now you can take your time and when the holiday is over make pumpkin pie!