Credit: Morguefile

There are many ways a parents connect with adopted children who need help. Trying to make that connection with your adopted loved one can be a difficult challenge for parents. A young person can grow and become close to his or her adopted parents if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Physical Attention

Adopted children needs hugs and encouragement just like any normal child does. Don’t feel like you can’t provide comfort to your loved one. This will assure them that everything is going to be fine and over time it will help develop a closer bond between the child and parent. A hug can do wonders for someone who is trying to fit into new surroundings. What your adopted loved one needs the most is love and comfort from you.

Emotional Attention

Another way to connect with the young person is to sit down and listen to them. Be responsive to what they have to say. If they come from another country, ask them what life was like there and try to get them to open up. This will help you gain a better understanding of your adopted child. Never tune them out, always be willing and able to communicate. 

Connecting With Boys

To connect with male children you should take part in activities that boys like to do. Go outside and throw a ball around, work on a project together, and find out what his interests are.  Get involved in his life and make him feel like part of your family. Once you show that interest in him, he’ll be more able to open up and become comfortable with you. 

Connecting With Girls

Connect with a girl buy doing girl activities. Mom can take her shopping, or help her with makeup. A cooking lesson would be a good bonding experience. The father needs to show an interest too even if he doesn’t like girl activities. One way to do this is to find something fun to do together such as going to the movies, talking a walk, or going to the zoo.  A girl may need more attention than a boy does so be sure to provide it so she feels secure in your company.

Bridging Culture Gaps

One difficult challenge might be cultural differences between parents and the child. Bridge this gap by doing cultural things with them. Try dining at a restaurant that serves food they are accustomed to, celebrate holiday’s they do in their native country, or learn some of their language. If it’s possible and you can afford it, plan a trip back to their original country and plan activities for them to do. Try getting together with other parents who have adopted children from that country and plan a group trip. 

Original Parents

If the adopted child ever expresses an interest in their real parents you should work with the child so they can learn about their parents. This may be very emotional for the adopted child so be there to lend support. This is one way that the child will be able to heal.

Ongoing Support

Be sure to lend support to your loved one as much as possible. Make them feel secure and comfortable in their new environment. Take the time out of your life no matter how busy you are to give your adopted child as much of your attention and love as possible. If you do this, the rewards will be well worth the effort.