Are you a slave to the machine, constantly connected, drowning out the human call that surrounds you? Do you find yourself super glued to your computer screen day in and day out? Don't worry you're not alone, as according to Eric Schmidt children born today find themselves in two realities; asleep or online. This trend will continue; there is no stopping us now.

But is there a better way? Can we use technology to free ourselves from its grip? Everett Bogue the author of Augmented Humanity says yes. The idea is counterintuitive; but technology itself is freeing and has the ability to make us more human if we use it the right way. How so? Keep reading to find out.  

However, let me point out; if you’re already a member of infobarrel, consider yourself a disciple by default. You have already tapped into the potential to free yourself from your computer by focusing on producing an automated income. But first let me preach the message to the unconverted.

Let me back up a bit, what the heck is Augmented Humanity anyway? I know you must be thinking of computer chips and metal plates plastered to the side of my head, no I am not referring to that; fortunately for you, I have not beckoned to the call of the deep end…yet. Everett Bogue defines it best, he says, “Augmented humanity is every person who finds a way to send an idea into an endless feedback loop that results in supporting their existing life.” What!?

Let me explain further, the internet gives us the opportunity to automate our business and enjoy a passive income. For example, the time you spend glued to your screen pumping out articles for infobarrel, crafting post for your blog, writing ebooks or creating your next product; will eventually lead you to one day reap the benefits of all your hard work. Hence, rather than trade time for dollars, you are setting yourself up to benefit from a passive/automated business that will one day provide a residual income.

Therefore, as an Augmented Human you can have technology work for you, as you become free to do as you please. You have essentially created what Everett Bogue refers to as a “Second Self;” he says, “You can vanish from the Net as the collective grows around your second self to support your physical body.”

What is this “Second Self?” all about anyway? It is essentially your digital self.  It is you infused within your blog post, infobarrel articles, products, ebooks, twitter, facebook and YouTube accounts. This digital you continues to interact with your collective as your physical body is unhinged from the technology to do as it pleases.

It may sound strange, but technology is allowing us to become more human again. How so? If the above argument isn’t clear, let me state it in one sentence. Having a passive/automated income allows you to be free to interact with your friends and family at whim, you are unhinged from the chain of trading time for dollars.

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