One of the most intriguing ideas to come out of the internet age is that people can and do work full-time from home. The internet has empowered many people to be able to leave the traditional cubicle at the office and work from home. Here are some of the ways people earn a lot of money on the Internet.



A blog is often a fun Endeavour and hobby for people, but you can become one of those people who earn a lot of money by blogging. Pick a topic you are passionate about such as politics, bicycling, dancing, making money or any other topic that you a have a true passion for. Each day write interesting and informative posts for your blog. Initially you will make little to no money, but as time goes on you will see your earnings begin to climb each month.

Most bloggers use their own domain and hosting and the WordPress blogging software. A lot of bloggers monetize their blog by integrating Google Adsense into their blog. Google Adsense s a simple and easy alternative and you can potentially make thousands of dollars each month with your blog. It may take a couple years of working extremely hard and posting daily, but if you continue with it then you will eventually build up your earnings to where you want them to be.

Affiliate Marketing


As easy as Google Adsense is to use, many people like to promote various products that offer an affiliate program. If you make a sale from a visitor that clicks through from your website to the product and purchases it, then you make a commission.

Affiliate Marketing works best when you have a lot of traffic. You can also combine methods and use Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Cam Girls


Many women, some guys, and a lot of couples have discovered the world of Adult webcams. They work from home and flirt and pose on the cam with people and earn money. Once you establish a clientele of regular paying fans you can earn in excess of $100,000 a year working only 2-4 hours each day.



The World of EBay has allowed many people to quit their jobs and work the business full-time. EBay has a lot of people who started by simply selling some random stuff from their home, then they began reselling items from the thrift shop, and now they get truckloads of palleted merchandise delivered each month that they resell for a nice profit. A big EBay business is a lot of work, but it is much more fun than your last crappy job.

Website Design and Hosting

Many people have started careers working from home building websites for people who have no technical experience. The smartest web design people will also buy a webhosting reseller account so they can also host the website for the client and earn some residual income each month from the monthly hosting fees you charge the clients. Once you build up a base of customers that are all paying you for website hosting and website updating you will see you income begin to grow much more rapidly then you could have ever expected. If you know what you are doing and willing to cold call potential customers then you can grow your business very quickly.


Many people have discovered how lucrative writing eBooks can be. Amazon has made it extremely easy to self-publish your book in Kindle form and sell digital copies of it on Amazon. If you write good stuff and have a knack for marketing then you can earn a lot of money.

Many new digital book publishers think that once they get the book listed on Amazon that the sales will just begin to roll in. This is far from the truth. Once you get the book written and published, the hard work begins. The hard work consists of marketing your book efficiently so that you can get people to find your book and buy the book. Many people make full-time incomes from writing ebooks.


You can start a web forum that is based on a topic you find interesting. If you like to say go hiking and camping, then you can start a forum based on this topic. I would suggest the Xenforo forum software if you want to start your own web forum. You can monetize web forums using Google Adsense. A web forum takes a lot of work to get the forum active, but if you have a true passion for the topic and market it properly you can succeed in making money from home by running your own web forum, but you will need to work very hard.

Making Money from Home

There are countless ways to make money from home. If you find a method you like and work real hard at it then you can eventually replace the income you get from your job with the money you earn working online. There are a lot of benefits to working from home including relaxed scheduling and the ability to work in your pajamas (Unless you’re A Cam Girl).

An online business such as a blog or web forum can be started with very little investment. If you work hard and continually add new and fresh content then you can not only get a lot of visitors from the search engines, but you will also get people who bookmark your website and return to it on a regular basis. The more visitors you have then the more money you can earn.

Working from home takes a lot of dedication because you will find it is easier to watch TV and lounge on the couch as opposed to actually working. If you look at you web business as an actual job and work on it instead of surfing Facebook then you will be successful.

Working from home has enabled many high school kids to begin earning more money part time than their parents make from working fulltime.