Fishing is a fun recreational activity that is enjoyed by a wide variety of people in numerous locations all around the World. Fishing can be a very expensive hobby, but it does not have to be. Here are some of the top ways people turn a hobby such as fishing into an expensive past time.


Yes it would be nice to have a new boat like we see them using on television at the Bass Masters Tournaments, unfortunately this will also give us a huge monthly boat payment to pay to the bank. If you simply fish from the shore or use an inexpensive canoe then you can fish much more cheaply. I always get a kick out of the fancy boats that get brought down to the lake by people who just bought their first boat. They think they look all cool with their new fancy fishing boat and the expensive truck pulling it. They unload the boat into the water, drive around the lake for awhile so that everybody can see them in their new boat, and then when they do cast their lines out into the water they cast almost towards the shore because that is how they are used to fishing. These idiots always make me laugh…until they snag my line. If you want to fish a lot and fish cheaply then don’t buy a boat.

If you absolutely must fish in a boat periodically then you can find a new friend who loves to fish and owns a boat.

Night crawlers

Why do you always have to pay money at the bait shop or the gas station to get Worms to fish with? Get off your butt and go collect them like your granddad did. If you do not pay of night crawlers then you can save a lot of money over the summertime.


It can get very expensive for some people to go fishing, especially when the beer costs more than the rest of the fishing trip did. If you get a DUI then it will definitely make it very expensive. If you get a DUI you will lose your driver’s license and then will not be able to drive yourself fishing anymore. If you drink let someone else drive and make sure you do not spend too much money on beer each time you go out. Of course beer costs technically are not a fishing expense…go ahead and drink all you want!

Deep Sea Fishing

We all would love to go on a deep sea charter and catch some cool fish like marlin. The problem is that trips like these can be very expensive, especially if you do not live near a coast. Instead of a deep sea fishing trip you could save that money and fund multiple smaller freshwater fishing trips throughout the year. With that being said, everybody needs to experience deep sea fishing at least once in their life.

Expensive Gear

Do you really need a $300 reel to go with your $200 rod? Your ancestors use to use sticks with line n them and they never lacked for fish. I am not saying to go make a cheap bamboo fishing oleo but most amateur fishermen can get away with a good rod and reel combo purchased from Wal-Mart. If you really want to save money then buy one rod and reel that can be used in most fishing conditions. You can use this rod for everything from creek fishing to fighting huge bass at the lake and then eve larger catfish late at night with your stink bait and artificial lighting. If you insist on having a separate pole for each use such as owning a rod for creek fishing, a larger one for lake fishing and an even larger rod for cat fishing then you will find that your cheap hobby of fishing is no longer cheap. You may even have to sell your new tires on truck to fund your rod and reel purchases.

Fuel Costs for traveling

Instead of fishing in a local fishing spot you pack up your 4x4 truck that gets 4 blocks to the gallon and then drive it to the other side of the State. If you are not going to go fishing then at least take the wife’s car instead of your jacked up pickup truck. Do you really need your 4x4 truck to go fishing? You probably don’t and you can save a lot of money if you choose to take a car that is a lot more friendly and economical with the fuel consumption.

If you live an area with fishing then you can fish more often if you do it locally instead of always driving long distances. It may not be the ideal conditions to fish locally but bad fishing is always better than no fishing. Fishign should be a relaxful and fun activity so if you are getting stessed out then you are doing the fishing wrong.

Fishing is Fun

The main thing to keep in mind is that fishing is fun and you do not have to have expensive equipment to enjoy it. You can go ice fishing without buying a $5,000 ice shelter from Cabela's Magazine. If you have to get  a 2nd mortgage on your home to afford your fishing hobby then you need to take a deep look at where you are wasting all of your money at.

In today’s world we often use fishing as an inexpensive hobby, but for our grandparents and great grandparents fishing was a way for them to be able to eat without spending any money, although they also loves fishing as recreation like we do. It would be nice if we could bring some of the heritage back onto out modern world. Fishing does not ever need to be a super expense hobby. Now I need to go back to reading the pamphlet for the deep sea fishing excursion I just booked off of the coast of Mexico.