One of the most unique attributes of the Internet is how many amazingly great resources we have for research. In the past we were often limited by what our local library may have for research but in today’s World we simply need to pull up Google or another search engine and we have the Worlds Knowledge at our fingertips. You can literally get answers to questions immediately. This access to information has transformed our society in numerous ways. The amount of knowledge available has led countless people to pursue new passions because of things they read about on the Internet. Here are some of the top ways that people use the information available on the Internet.

New Careers

So something catches your mind about Florida and it gets you interested in reading about the State. You pull up the Google Search engine on your phone and start reading about Florida. You learn about alligators and then end up reading about people who work with alligators. You find this interesting and read some more about it. Pretty soon you decide you want to pursue a career working with alligators. You may never have ever thought about working with alligators in Florida if it had not been for the Internet and all of the instant information available.

You may not want to work with an alligator for your daily job but this example shows that people can learn about new things and then dive into and follow anything that stands out and really grabs their attention. The Internet truly allows you to learn about potential careers available even if they are not in your area.

College Majors

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So you are not sure what you want to pursue for your college degree. You begin surfing the Internet and run across an ad for Turf and Field Management. You start reading about the career and then get excited when you realize you can work for major sport stadiums maintaining and taking care of the turf. You may not have the talent to be in the NFL playing football but you can still make it to the NFL as a turf tech manager.

You may not have even realized that there are a few college sin the United States that offer turf and field management degrees if it had not been for the power of the Internet and all of the information we freely have available.

Military Careers

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If you have not grown up around a military base then you may have a lot of preconceived perceptions of a career in the military that are blatantly false. As you use the Internet you can learn that there are many more careers in the military then just warriors running around with guns. You may discover that you can get your dental schooling paid for if you enlist in the military and use your new dental skills. You may discover that there are a lot of highly-educated jobs in the military. Yes the soldiers and Marines running around with guns are vital and the epicenter of the military; however these Warriors also need support. You may not be a warrior at heart but discover that a military career is just what you need because you do not because you have to focus on the war aspect of a military career.

Working from Home

The internet has allowed Countless people to quit their job and work from home. You may become a professional blogger, a medical transcriptionist, internet marketer, web content writer, or one of countless other work from home job opportunities that can be done from the comfort of your couch using your laptop.

Genealogy and Family History

Genealogy and family history has always been done by certain people. The Mormon Church historically has always placed a heavy emphasis on doing your family genealogy. The power of the Internet now allows people to learn a lot about their family roots. You may find emigration records of your 3 times Great Grandpa from Ireland or you may find a missionary diary from your great grandmother. You never know what you may find online when doing your family history and genealogy. Genealogy and family history is so much easier to do on a computer with the Internet as opposed to the old days of traveling around and wading through countless microfiche.

Medical Diagnosis and Research

You may have a certain ailment afflicting you and then you go online to read more about what could potentially be causing it. The Internet is in no way a replacement for competent medical Doctors but they can be mutually beneficial. If you are told by your Doctor you have an ailment or disease such as Diabetes then you can go home and read as much and as in-depth as you like about Diabetes. You can find what natural cures people think work and read medical journals that talk about medical advancements in diabetes. Regardless of what your disease or ailment is you can learn much more about it online then you ever can from a small pamphlet from your local library.

Expanded Social Base

The Internet allows us to meet and develop friendships and work relations with people from all over the World. You can play poker online with people from Countries all around the Globe. The internet allows you to not only meet new people but to also stay in touch with your current friends and family. Social networking sites such as Facebook make it extremely easy to stay caught up with your family and everything they are doing.

Information Overload

We can often delve to deep into things when we have an overwhelming amount of information at our fingertips. Sometimes it is better to simply close-up our laptops and then go to grandma’s house and ask her what it was like when she was growing up. First hand history accounts from relatives are often much more meaningful then reading about strangers. Supplement your Internet research by talking ot real live people in person.