Importance of Oral Hygiene for Expectant Mothers

Did you know that periodontal (gums) diseases are closely related to diabetes, strokes and heart diseases; and low birth weight of babies and premature birth? Therefore maintaining oral hygiene is imperative for overall health. That is understandable as you will see from the fact that it is not uncommon these days for obstetrician and cardiologists to refer pregnant women and others with heart conditions to dentists. The other reason the gum is important for you is they help to hold the teeth in place. Poor gum condition can lead to loss of tooth over a time, especially as the affected person grows older. It is true that with advancing age, maintaining the gum is a little bothersome, but with a little care, like flossing  it is possible to delay, or even prevent tooth loss by many years past the prime age.

Studies show that there is a strong relationship between premature child delivery and poor gum conditions in pregnant women. The efficacy of getting periodontal diseases during pregnancy is a little difficult if the object of the treatment is to prevent premature birth and that is because periodontal diseases last for many years if it has not been treated on time. So women  should be advised to make periodontal examination a regular feature of their health itinerary when they plan to get pregnant. A twice a year visit to the dentist is a good way of preventing most of the common periodontal diseases, and don’t forget that prevention, or at least getting treatment in the early stages is helpful not only for having a healthy baby but for maintaining overall health as well.

Periodontal diseases are also known to cause strokes and heart attacks if not treated on time. Several studies show that many deaths due to heart ailments were preventable if only the patient had been a little thoughtful about his or her oral hygiene. Studies also prove that there is a strong relationship between thickened carotid, the heavy arteries that run on the side of the neck and periodontal diseases. It has also been found that the bacteria causing a periodontal condition are also found in the arteries of patients with thickened arteries. Some dentists believe that cleansing the teeth can have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system of the body.

Periodontal diseases can aggravate diabetic conditions for some people because they are known to increase blood sugar levels dramatically like in any other infection and periodontal conditions are infections understand. Likewise, keep your blood sugar levels within acceptable limits and you can keep many gum ailments at bay. Most advice for retaining good oral hygiene are common sense that we learn from childhood; brush your teeth at least twice a day, moderate on sweet consumption, floss regularly and don’t abuse your teeth. Having your teeth examined by a dentist regularly is the last word to give you the confidence that will let you flash your teeth with a smile.