You have been in love with the next door girl for years and decided to ask her out. Nervously as yo are, you walk to the door and greet her mom. When you are sitting on her room and talk about everyday things like school, friends and music you ask her the question. She said yes and next week you have your first date. Four days has passed and it is a couple of days before your big date, you are excited but discover something that can ruin your date. You have a pimple on your forehead and it looks it can explode any time. What to do? In this article i will give you the best method to do in this emergency situation.

What do you need?
Mild facial cleaner, medicated ones are the best.
Clean wash cloth.
Warm, but not too hot, water.
Pimple cream.
Moisturizing lotion.

1. Clean your face daily. Cleaning your face daily with a warm water and a soap that is right for your type of skin. It is important to use a soap that not dries out your skin.

2. Try to avoid touching your face. A lot of people touch their face, most of them do this unconsciously but while doing so they run the risk of putting bacteria and dirt from their hands to their skin. Try to avoid this habit and use a facial cleansing cloth that is disposable to clean your face through the day.

3. When using this cloth wash your face and neck and move it around in small circles. Do not rub near the pimple because this can aggravate the situation.

4. Do not use a towel to dry your face but let the air do it's work.

5. Put a thin covering of pimple cream over the pimple and let it dry. I would advice a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicyclic acid. The cream absorbs the oil your skin produces, it also gets rid of the bacteria and grime just below the skin.

6. Last but not least is putting on the moisturizing lotion.
Moisturizing cream makes sure your skin does not dry out and keeps it hydrated. When your skin dries out it will produce oil that will get you pimples. Keep your skin hydrated and you will see you have less pimples.

It can be very inconvenient to have a pimple but with these great tips you get rid of it within days. Try not to pick your pimples because this creates scarring or an infection. Looking your pimple away in the mirror is something you do not want to do. Drink a lot of water and have a healthy diet to minimize the chance of pimples.