Prepaid calling cards are convenient devices that consumers pay in advance to make calls. The denomination of the card depends on the number of minutes that it contain. These minutes are deducted every time you make a call. Your prepaid calling card can be used with your home phone, mobile phone or pay phone to place a call.

Using a prepaid calling card helps every customer to save money on local, long distance and international calls. The product comes in different calling rates with charges and other fess. These will add up to the cost of your calls so you need to compare different cards before choosing and buying for your calling purposes.

These extra fess are called hidden charges and they can consume your minutes if you are not careful. When you use your card in pay phones or mobile phones, you get surcharges that results to higher calling rates. A service fee is charged for the delivery, set up and activation of your card while these services are supposedly part of what a service provider can offer. A maintenance fee is charged in daily, weekly or monthly basis for keeping the telephone lines and networks active to efficiently transfer your calls. For calls that are connected and received by the other party, you get a connection fee. Local calls have lower connection fee compared to international calls.

When you buy a prepaid calling card with more calling minutes, you usually get a better price for your calls in per minute basis. And there are various ways of counting the minutes when you call. This is called minute rounding for calls that did not consume the next full minute. The general rounding is one minute which is fair for customers to get cheaper rates per call. While there are other rounding like three or five minutes that usually eat up the remaining minutes. The smaller the minute rounding, the lesser time you will waste and the lesser amount you are going to pay.

A prepaid calling card usually comes with the personal identification number (PIN) and the access numbers to start making calls. The PIN is a number that keeps your card secured so that others cannot use it. The access numbers compose of the toll free access number for a more reliable call and the local access number for cheaper calling rates so you get more minutes. To make a call, you either dial the toll free access number or the local access number together with the PIN and you will hear your current available balance.

Most prepaid calling cards have expiration date. Consumers should be aware of the period that a card is valid for use. You will lose the credit if you have not consumed it and the card is already over the expiration date.

Therefore, in choosing your prepaid calling cards, you need to be aware of the above mentioned information. They can truly help you in finding the right prepaid calling card for your local and international calling needs.