I have been wondering lately about how ready I would be if a natural disaster struck my area, or the whole United States. How would I survive, and how would I keep my family alive? Do I have enough knowledge to stay warm, and to keep my family fed? I feel like I have enough knowledge to survive, but I am really sure that most Americans don't have the know how to survive.

The most basic commodity in a disaster, would probably be water, but if the water source has become contaminated would they know how to get the contaminates out? How many people know that you can filter water through sand, or that the best method for killing any harmful bacteria in water, is to boil it? But then that brings up a whole different situation, fire.

Fire is so vital to keeping alive during a disaster. Not only to boil water, but to cook food, and to build morale in a bad situation. Building a fire without matches can be a little tricky, but certainly not impossible. You can Google " how to build a fire without matches" you will find ways of building a fire that maybe you have never heard of, good way of becoming more knowledgeable.

When I think of a natural disaster, I think of someone like a Paris Hilton, trying to survive, but not having any idea of what to do. When a disaster strikes, people aren't going to care whether you have money or not. People will be watching out for their families and themselves, but for the most part, you will have a problem if your unable to take care of yourself.

One thing I have been stressing to my kids, is the value of growing your own food. Having your own food supply during a disaster, is invaluable. Growing your own food gives you a certain amount power during a disaster. While many people are scavenging around for food, you have a stockpile. If the disaster is prolonged, you can use food to trade with people, to get the things you may not have. Being self sufficient really does have its advantages.

I myself have started to have some growing concerns regarding the stability of the economic structure here in the USA. I know that many people just dismiss disasters, acting like it could never happen to them. There are just so many things that can happen, floods, fires, a terrorist strike on a vital function. You just never know what could happen. How many people even worried about a terrorist strike before 9/11? Not many civilian people thought about it at all.

The worst thing is that we as a people forget too easily. We hear that the terrorist threat level is at a certain color, but how many people really pay attention to that anymore. When you hear things about threat levels all the time, you soon become desensitized. So many people don't pay attention anymore, and that is something that should worry the citizens of this country.

I wish more people took an interest in knowing what to do in an emergency situation, and how to survive. I really think that in a nationwide disaster, there would be plenty of people who wouldn't make it because they weren't knowledgeable in survival skills.