Your Personal Details Exposed

When you watch movies and TV shows that have private investigators they seem to be able to access a wealth of information.  In real life they do seem to be able to get any information they want or need.  The truth is that there are certain ways that they go about getting this information because of the rules and regulations that are in place.  There are 10 common places where private investigators are able to get information about you and other people; everything from TV and Broadband deals you have had to where your friends live.

Using the Investigative Database

Something that they have access to is the investigative database.  This professional-grade database has information collected from a range of sources all in one easy to access area.  This is actually where most private investigators will get the majority of their information.

The database is complied of information from public records, telephone directories, social media, credit header information and much more.  None of the information that is in the database will come from data protected sources as this is illegal and would undermine the integrity of the entire database.  Any information that was at some point on the public record will be filtered into these databases.

There are a number of these databases available for private investigators to use.  However, you have to be a licensed investigator to gain access to these databases and the database owners and hosts will be checking on this.  This exclusive access is why private investigators have this air of knowing things that the average person does not.

The Court Records

While your personal history may be blocked by data protection, court records are open to the public.  There is a lot of information that private investigators can get from court records.  These records can tell the investigator a lot about a person’s private and business history. 

Getting criminal case information is hard even for a private investigator.  However, you should not undermine the value that can be found in the records from civil cases.  If you have ever been in the small claims court there will be a record of it.  This information gives private details and paths that they can use to find additional data.  A lot can be learnt about a person’s character from the court information available.

The Public Record

In all countries there is a lot of information available as part of the public record.  In fact, there is information that anyone can access that you may not even realise is out there.  Some of the public records available are corporation records, property transactions and other public government records. 

When the average person looks at this information they will see that it is fractured and hard to follow.  However investigators have the time and the skills to put all of this together to find the information they need about you.  There are a number of databases that private investigators have access to that filter through all of this information making it easier to read and find.

Using Social Networks

Once something is on the internet it is out there forever.  This is something you have to remember and something that private investigators use.  There are millions of people on social media and a lot of them share information that they usually wouldn’t put out there.  While many users are becoming more careful with what they put on the social media sites there is still enough information for a private investigator.

Going Through New Archives

Most people assume that you can just search through the internet and you can find news articles and archives.  That is not actually true and you will have to pay to get access to the new archives.  There are a lot of current and historic new articles available through various sources.  However, there are a lot of other services that have a more thorough news archive that requires a fee.  While you do not have to be a private investigator to access these archives the average person is not going to pay the hefty fees. 

Requesting Information

There are a number of ways that you can request information from government agencies legally.  Of course, most people do not know how to go about this.  Private investigators are usually shown how to do this when they go through training.  It is important that this is done correctly otherwise it could fall into the realms of illegal activities.

Using Human Intelligence

Not all investigative work is now done through the internet.  Private investigators still get information about you from canvassing the neighbourhood and the people you know.  While they may not ask people direct questions about you they do have ways of getting the information that they need.  There is also surveillance that can be done to determine certain facts about you. 

Your Car Records

There are a lot of records dealing with your car and driving history. The regulations will vary depending on where you are living and the information that the private investigator is looking for. 

Looking at the Internet

Have you ever put your name into a search engine?  When you do you will find that there is a lot of information about you out there.  While a lot of the information may be for something with the same name a private investigator will be able to determine what relates to you and what does not.  This is one of the tools that private investigators use to get started with their investigation.  However, this is not their primary tool because of the high number of results that they could be getting.

Going Through the Garbage

In many countries once your garbage is on the street for pick up it no longer belongs to you.  This means that anyone can look through is and find information about you.  Of course, you can protect yourself from this by having a shredder that you put all your paper through. 

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