Travel Agents no longer have huge marketing budgets to splash out on luxuries and the cost of advertising holidays isn’t cheap in what has always been a highly competitive industry.  Most travel agents advertise on the internet, in magazines, on television and in newspapers.  In the past three years, since the recession began the money they have had to spend on marketing has not achieved the expected results and as most of us will be aware, a lot of them have closed.

The concept of using promotional items to attract new customers and benefit brand awareness is not new but manufacturers of these products have become more imaginative and innovative over the years resulting in the $19.4 industry that it is today.  Starting a marketing campaign using promotional products is not just about giving something away.  For a Travel Agent identifying what the customer needs is the first step in ensuring that the campaign will be successful. One of the most appropriate gifts is the promotional bag whether for hand luggage, a backpack or a suitcase because travelers need them and the printable area allows a lot of creativity in terms of logo and message.

Many of the promotional bags given away by Travel Agents will travel the world making thousands of people aware of their brands. It is a marketing fact that the more a brand is seen the more people will associate the brand with the products or services of the company associated with it.  Knowing what a company does together with seeing a recognisable brand several times creates confidence in the consumer.  There is an impression of stability and security when a brand is seen regularly and in lots of different places.

A promotional luggage item will be valued by the customer of any Travel Agent because it is a necessity that can be used over and over again.  The more attractive and stylish it is, the more it will be used leading to high visibility for the target audience.  It is also something that all customers will use for example; if a laptop bag was the promotional item of choice it would have to be known that a high percentage of the Travel Agent’s customers possessed laptops.  Giving it to someone who didn’t own a laptop would result in its quick consignment to the back of the cupboard, which is not where it needs to be.

Attractive, stylish promotional bags will be gratefully received by anyone resulting in most recipients will recommending the Travel Agent to their friends and associates; most marketing managers would agree that referral business is the best that you can get.

 Airlines provide their crew with bags which have the name of the airline printed on them.  There is a reason for that – visibility to the target audience in the airport.  The same principle applies to Travel Agents and promotional bags - the more you see it; the more you know it: and the more you want it.