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How quickly does morning sickness start? This is the question which is raised in many of the minds of people especially virgin women who are not yet married. Before dealing with this question, firstly it is useful for the readers to know about the morning sickness. Basically this term is used for vomiting of pregnancy also known as nausea. Now why this question is raised by most of the women?

Because more than half of the pregnant women of the world are affected by nausea. Second thing is that do not be confused with the name i.e. morning sickness, It can even occur at any time. Mostly women do find this phase of their life very hard and also it can stop around 3rd month or 12th week of the pregnancy.

So, when does morning sickness start? The answer is it differs from a girl to girl because each pregnancy is incomparable or unique. Some of the books say mostly it starts on the fourth to sixth week, but it is not the case always. It can occur any time or stage of pregnancy. Sometimes it starts even before the girl may know about her pregnancy. There are some women who never face this kind of sickness.

Every women is different so some may get it within two weeks of pregnancy and some women may face it whole of their pregnancy periods i.e. whole nine months. Some women only have it when they get pregnant for the first time and then they do not find any kind of morning sickness in them in second or third pregnancies.

how quickly does morning sickness startCredit: google imagesCauses of Morning sickness…

There are not some definite causes of morning sickness but still many of the doctors believe that this occurs due to: - Circulation in Hormone estrogen is increased. - Due to low blood sugar - Sensitivity to odors maybe increased - If you have more human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in your system then the more chances are there that you will face morning sickness. - If your enzymes of liver are increased, there will be an increase in bilirubin. And if there is increase in bilirubin than you may face nausea problem.

Treatments of Nausea…

After answering how quickly does morning sickness start? It is important to note some treatments of nausea (morning sickness). Dows,well TMatthews A, Haas DM, , O'Mathúna DP, Doyle M states in their book regarding this matter with the name of "Inventions of nausea" that there is no special treatment for this kind of sickness. But there are some treatments suggested by the doctors which are as follows:

- If the vomiting of pregnancy is because of acid reflux, then woman must take an antacid when going to bed (asleep). It may cure the morning vomiting and stomach ache.

- If the vomiting of pregnancy is because of less stomach motility. Woman should reduce fat intake and fibers. Like for example do not take bran bread rather take white bread, do not take raw vegetables and raw fruits rather take well-cooked vegetables and fruits, and make sure to avoid high fiber fruits like frappe fruit, orange etc. Plus do not eat the fruits like apple and guava with their skin, rather remove the skin and then eat. Also walk a little bit after taking the food.

- If reduced stomach motility, acid reflux are cause of nausea then taking five or six small meals in a day may help. Blood sugar levels would be more consistent if you use this.

- Take Ginger in tea and with capsules, Ginger is really useful for vomiting. Doctors do recommend ginger in the cases of vomiting of pregnancy.

- There is also a medicine prescribed by some doctors with the name of anti-nausea medications in the condition on hyperemesis gravidarum where the woman suffers from dehydration. And if someone wants to know regarding how quickly the morning sickness starts? In detail then read the books related to this issue like "Interventions for nausea"&"vomiting in pregnancy"

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