Junk food kills you slowly raw food is a lot faster.

Not all raw eating is safe. Some plants fight back!

Before you embark on a raw eating binge or healing journey 

The use of food as medicine needs to handled with respect.  As with prescribed medications, natural cures affect people in different ways and a number of side effects need to be considered. Plants contain phytochemicals that are either harmful or healing, depending on their application. Quantities too, are critical in evaluating how much of the active substance is ingested. It is a case of kill or cure. One man's fruit may become another man's poison because not all raw food is as innocent as it looks. Cooking food kills germs. If you eat a lot of raw food you consume more e-coli and other fresh parasites. So wash it in iodine or disinfect it first!

Even lettuce can kill you!Credit: Sue Visser

Disclaimer: This article is not to be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the perusal and supervision of a health professional. Please consult a competent and knowledgeable doctor for advice, especially when combining different protocols with your current treatment and prescribed drugs. Natural raw foods can thin the blood, lower blood sugar, trigger inflammation and interfere with thyroid and high blood pressure medications. They can also trigger adverse reactions, especially if eaten excessively when they are not suited to your blood type. When unripe, fruit can make you ill is what some raw food gurus tell us.

Can we use "natural raw diets" to prevent and cure cancer? Yes, but ...

Hopefully with treating cancer we want to selectively kill off offending microbes or cancerous cells that don't know how to stop multiplying. Then we want to support and strengthen  the surrounding cells. Plants have the wisdom to do just that. No harm is done to the immune system, to healthy cells or to you. Or to your bank account! But the procedure needs to be well monitored and supported by detoxification protocols. Sugar levels need to be controlled because cancer breeding grounds favour warm, inflamed areas that are rich in mould, candida, fermenting sugars and are deprived of oxygen. Most of the vegans and raw eaters I know personally complain about candidiasis. This is especially true when they have iodine deficiencies. Some of the extreme vegans do not believe in taking any supplements - especially anything that comes from an animal or a mineral. Not even vitamin D3. 

So watch out for an excessive intake of sweet fruit juices and smoothies. In the long run this raw food can kill you - organic or not! Sugar from a Coke or an apple turns to glucose. If you have zinc, chrome and vanadium deficiencies you are more prone to type 2 diabetes. We need to chew our food and balance it with fats, carbohydrates and protein. Not all raw foods are easy to digest - not even raw snake, beef, chicken, frog and other flesh. But here too, we have blood type conflicts. Raw fish known as sushi can certinly kill you on the spot if it isn't fresh. We need to eat fresh, clean raw food to suit our blood type to avoid inflammation and infections.

Sugar fuels the fires of cancer and causes excessive hunger

The large quantities of sugar you glug down (even as raw organic fruit juice) are converted to glucose and will be consumed by greedy groups of cancerous cells that lurk within. They hide out in colonies and devour your fuel at an alarming rate. A free helping of glucose will ferment in areas that are starved of oxygen and microbes will thrive at the expense of healthy tissue. Sugar also disrupts insulin activity, so watch out for that apple and grape juice because the body will read it as sugar and thus create an unusually high demand for insulin. It is best to always consume enough roughage in the form of peels and pith on a raw diet to prevent a rapid demand on glucose. I was once asked if there was any fruit that should not be juiced and I had to laugh. Yes, is the answer - fruit like apples, grapes and pears. Why? Because we have teeth!

Berry nice with agar jellyCredit: Sue Visser

Chewing versus drinking - the danger of juicing and smoothies

Saliva is released by chewing, not glugging or slurping. Saliva is required to mix sugar and starch digesting enzymes with simple carbohydrates we eat - including very sweet fruit juices and calorie loaded smoothies that contain oils and saturated fats. When we chew food properly it is combined with enzymes that process the fat and protein that is present in the mouthful of food. The presence of soluble and insoluble fibre helps to slow down the processing of sugar that is present in the food. During normal digestion it gets a chance to reach the bloodstream in manageable quantities and can reach all the cells that need it as a form of fuel.

Thereafter the excess glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen for more energy later on or as needed between meals.It is an abundance of potassium that allows the release of glycogen from the liver and one advantage of a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables is indeed potassium. But if we keep eating and craving sweetness, albeit natural, fresh and organic, our blood sugar can become very unstable. We can gain weight, become agitated and as many confess, get very hungry. This is because we bypass the satiation signal that releases leptin. This hormone is triggered after at least 20 minutes of chewing and swallowing food. Leptin is released to tell us we are full. To finish off the meal so it can be digested. Get the picture? That is why the same amount of calories go further if you chew your food. You stay satisfied for longer when you combine suitable fats, fibre and protein.

The hunger that raw juicing generates can drive people insane!

Drinking a glass of sugary juice or a sloppy smoothie without the protection of adequate fibre, fat or protein can cause rebounding hypoglycemia, cravings and a raging sensation of hunger on a raw diet - especially one high in sugary fruit. This is a common mistake that people make. What makes it even worse are appetite stimulants such as ginger, lemons and green detox juices. For instance, if you drink a glass of juice made from fresh spinach with lemon and ginger and apples you will soon feel weak with hunger!A lack of blood sugar to the brain can seriously affect your mood. Hunger is a trigger to raise blood sugar - but not with more sugar.

Why? The digestive enzymes and life-giving nutrients that combo provides you with is enough for you to digest a few meals. It gives you a raging appetite and you pat yourself on the head and tell the body to go and detox itself.The same ingredients would make a great salad to chew on. Add olive oil (extra, extra virgin of course) and some salt - yes, salt. Raw foodies often think that salt should be avoided like the plague. Salt is used to improve your stomach acid profile and many people are in fact suffering from salt deficiencies and poor digestion as a result of their fruity fixations.

Whole apples versus juiceCredit: Sue visser

Funnier still, is the juicing fanatic who throws all the fibre on the compost heap and spends a small fortune on fibre supplements like seed husks and bran - whole wheat, raw and full of phytic acid to rob us of calcium. For the body this is as much of an insult as ingesting a scrubbing brush. We are taught to eat whole grains, but wheat bran is an insoluble fibre that is totally indigestible. This is especially the case with sprouted whole wheat that is made into "bread". I tried to make some and soon I regretted it. It was then that I decided to eat for my blood type and cook my food as and when required. Raw food forms the largest part of any healthy diet. You can even get a superb plate of fresh salad at Macdonald's. Enjoy it with a baked potato, salt and butter! For me, it would be a safer alternative to some of the near death experiences I have had with raw eating fetishes.

Raw wheatCredit: Sue Visser

Food cravings and nutty obsessions

They eat a lot of nuts and here they tend to make the biggest mistake of all. Raw nuts, especially what we call peanuts are not really fit for human consumption. Certain nuts do not suit your blood type and when you eat too many of them too often they cause blood type reactions such as cell agglutination and inflammation. Rather consult your blood type list and select the nuts and seeds that agree with you. Almonds and walnuts are highly beneficial for all blood types. They can be eaten raw - providing you chew them properly and allow the saliva to mix with the nuts before they are swallowed. This will make them digestible.

The horrid side effects of a raw "banquet" I once ate

The very unpleasant experience of eating an ambitious fake vegan chocolate "cake" once left me wanting to gag for hours. I ate the cold sloppy sweet mixture and tried not to imagine what Gordon Ramsay would say. I politely took a few mouthfuls of the raw material. It was the culinary compliment to some mouldy mushroom burgers and aggressive salads and strange soup on the menu. I went home feeling strange after the "raw - fest". Ironically my blood sugar was low, I felt weak, woozy and shaky and it took me a while to figure out why. I am not a raw foodie! Some people may take offence at my reactions. But here is what my blood type O secretor body was telling me. I listened because it took a long time to digest that conglomerate of raw food:

  • For me, nuts in large quantities need to be eaten and appreciated as they are. A few added for fun and flavour are OK. But what if they are soaked in water and pulped? That really made me gag - probably also because many of the nutty sauces and "baking" ingredients did not suit my blood type.
  • A load of raw coconut definitely does not suit my blood type - it makes my throat close up and feel gritty for hours. To me, this feels the same as if I eat wheat, cooked lentils or cornflour.
  • Green bananas. First wait until the skin is soft and covered in black freckles. That shows us when the fruit is sweet, ripe and digestible.
  • As for a huge helping of raw sweet potato? Come on, it is loaded with cancer-promoting trypsin inhibitors. Do we want to cure or to cause cancer?
  • A mixture of fruit, oils, fungus, nuts, raw vegetables? I honour the digestion process and know that food digests at different rates, at different times. We drink sour green juice to stimulate the appetite. Then we eat fresh fruit because it digests quickly and makes way for warm, cooked food, healthy fats and protein. Jumble it all up and now i know why I had the bends.
  • Sweet stuff - rich stuff - high in calories and jumbled up by expensive machines? Nah!

Going 100% raw? Consider your build, your metabolism and gender. Look at your doshas. Balance the yin and yang with a choice for your blood type.

The Yin Yang imbalance: first need to be considered. This is why Chinese doctors balance out a plate of food with contrasts of yin (cold, wet, raw) with yang (warm, rich, oily.) A number of people become water-logged, protein deficient and downright miserable on a 100% raw food diet. As a result they rebel and become junk foodies instead. You can't blame them but two yangs don't make a yin.

Blood Type: We come in all shapes and sizes and have different blood types. What cures inflammation for Blood type A can set it off in blood type O. One diet does not cure all. Not all blood types thrive on papaya for breakfast, for instance. I made this mistake with my blood type A - secretor husband. I was wondering why he was losing muscle tissue at an alarming rate until I narrowed it down to my new style of breakfast. I was following the Anton Eheret fruitarian protocol of eating just one type of raw fruit in the morning to detoxify. First eat before you excrete, was the logic behind working up a good appetite for a hearty mid morning meal. But large daily quantities of pawpaw suit me, blood type O and not him.

Apples and women? Fortunately apples suit all blood types and Leslie Kenton's detoxification protocols are based on chomping loads of apples. But she cooked her rice, boiled her potatoes and baked her bread. She recommends cooked food in moderate quantities. By the way, eating a raw potato with little green spots can kill you! Joanna Brandt cured her cancer with grapes but she chewed the skins and the pips instinctively knowing that they contained phytochemicals that were part of the cure. This is an extreme raw cure and won't work unless you are as single-minded as Joanna Brandt.

Fast metabolism? You will have to spend most of the day eating, especially if you have a large frame and a muscular build. I know of a few body builders on the raw deal who consume 6 avocados in a row. Then they scoop down a pot of honey. For a snack they eat half a water melon. In the long run, I'm sad to say that this caused a serious autoimmune disorder. The fittest, strongest raw eater has ended up with a horrid condition called Pyoderma Gangrinosum. The immune system attacks the tissue and causes rotten gooey ulcers to erupt all over the body. What a raw deal!

What about the doshas? Anybody who follows an Ayurvedic diet knows the importance of balancing the doshas - the 3 characteristic elements represented by fire (pita), wind (vata) and water (kapha). Raw food has no fire. Enough said. For an airy fairy watery kind of person it could be ideal - to keep them in the clouds. It is not practical to go from one extreme to the other. We know that the "supersize me" burger diet is also wrong because it breaks the rules of yin and yang and disrupts the doshas. As in all cases it is a question of suitability and balance. Nut milk is not the same a fresh, raw organic cow's milk. Commercial nut milks contain additives and a lot of maltodextrin.

Nut milkCredit: Sue Visser

 Consider the patient who has the disease and not the disease the patient has.

So how can raw food kill you so quickly? With cyanide - drop dead

According to references on the internet, all it takes is 8 - 10 raw bitter almonds. Apricot kernels are also full of cyanogenic chemicals and need to be kept away from compulsive snackers. If it tastes bitter, it is dangerous.

Hydrogen cyanide is also known as prussic acid. A few milligrams disrupts cellular respiration. You die from oxygen starvation, with a characteristic blue glow on the skin around the mouth. a perfect murder scene. It was the almond cookies! Raw cassava is a great source of cyanide and that is why it has to be carefully soaked, pounded and cooked. So raw eaters, stay away from it!

Bitter almonds and apricot kernels are used as part of a cancer treatment involving laterite (vitamin B 17). But they should be issued on prescription with a precautionary package insert it seems. Depending on how much cyanide they unleash, you can be dead in a jiffy. Nobody has ever dropped dead in a burger joint with an empty box of junk food and a Coke can at his side. So now you know - fast food causes a slow death but raw food causes a fast way to go! Raw food may be alive with pathogenic worms, flukes, bacteria, mould, fungus and mycotoxins. All of them are killers unless they are killed by means of cooking, iodine or a safe and people friendly disinfectant.

It is easy to make mistakes with food items from the plant kingdom. Not all of it is fit for human or animal consumption at various stages in the raw. Some seeds and sprouts produce deadly poisons to protect themselves because it is a case of kill or be killed when species are trying to save themselves from the jaws of a plant eating predator. Some popular raw legumes and nuts, for instance are rich in enzymes that sabotage the digestion of their would be consumers. Anybody embarking on a raw binge should first learn the difference between healthy and harmful plant components. Do your chemistry and find out why growing sprouts and tubers and shoots turn green when exosed to light. They form chemicals to poison off their predators!

Watch out for killer chemicals like cyanide, prussic acid and oxalic acid.

Don't go nuts on apricot kernels or bitter almonds, for instance because they contain high concentrations of freely available cyanide. Raw potatoes that have started to sprout are highly toxic for the same reason. Eating large leafy raw salads that include spinach or rhubarb leaves every day will cause a build up of oxalic acid that could result in a slower death. It causes an extreme calcium deficiency and can shred your bones and after manufacturing a load of kidney stones. But to speed things up, you could combine it with raw grated cassava root and toss in a few alfalfa sprouts or bamboo shoots. Don't! That would be a deadly combo for any bunny hugger, a lethal dose of raw eating that makes even a sleazy hamburger a safer option.

Mangoes do not suit blood type A

We are told to chew each mouthful of food very well - remember Mom saying 32 times at least? This is what unleashes the latent hydrogen cyanide from its hiding place in plant cells and introduces to an activating enzyme that is present in other cells. The result is death to nearby cells by robbing them of their oxygen rich environment. The perfect murder coming up! But fortunately humans are not stupid enough to willingly eat anything that is extremely bitter in large quantities, so relax. There are special techniques we use to remove dangerous chemicals and especially plant lectins that cause cells to become sticky and bind to toxic substances before they accumulate and kill you. Soaking and sprouting the seeds for at least 3 days seems to remove most of them. It is a good idea to add a few drops of Lugol's iodine to the water they soak in to kill bacteria and pathogens that accompany raw sprouts to the dinner table.

Raw eaters and vegans are no strangers to e-coli infections and infections that are normally destroyed by the cooking process. They get stomach aches and violent cramps from eating certain sprouts that have turned bright green without understanding their toxic effects. Next comes all the bloating and flatulence. It is dangerous to be in the same room with them with all that evil smelling gas. Never light a match near the bum because some anal emmisions will burst into flame. Yep, the same applies to junk food eaters. Unhealthy gas affects us all.

Raw sweet potatoesCredit: Sye Visser

Large helpings of raw sweet potato?

They contain a lot of trypsin inhibitors. These chemicals  deactivate this pancreatic enzyme that helps us to fight cancer  from within and cells are left to divide out of control. This results in a slower lingering malaise characteristic of malabsorption, increased estrogen levels, fatness and fatigue. Diarrhoea, depression, diabetes and dementia are more prevalent when our pancreatic enzymes - especially trypsin and insulin are compromised. It does not matter if the trypsin inhibitor comes from a raw pesticide free organic pedigreed non GMO sweet potato.

The sweeter side of sweet potatoes - free progesterone and gourmet delights

There are wonderful ways to cook sweet potatoes to use for gnocchi, cakes, flapjacks and fritters. Yum - but not raw in a salad! Just know that cooking it will knock out a lot of the phytochemicals designed to kill animals that try to eat sprouts, leaves and tubers. When you are looking for relief from a hot flush or need to correct your progesterone shortfall durning the menopause, you can chew a small (yes - just a golfball sized amount) of sweet potato.

Sweet potato crisps are safer than raw sweet potatoes

Is chewing raw food that releases cyanide a good idea?

We call plants that contain chemicals that release cyanide when they are chewed and mixed with animal saliva cyanogenic. Technically speaking, when the plant or seed is eaten by an animal the chewing frees up or hydrolizes a large burst cyanide by mixing the resident nitriloside with the splitting enzyme b-glucosidase. The revenge of the plant! It tries to kill whoever is eating it. I suppose in this case drinking the juiced up version would be less toxic or at least release the cyanide in smaller amounts. But the cooking process does neutralize the killer enzyme. By stabilizing the offending nitriloside in this way the cyanide is released more selectively and to our advantage, it seems. It favours cancer cells and bacterial infestations where there is more b-glucosidase production. Cyanogenic vegetables include maize, sorghum (especially the green leaves), millet, field bean, lima bean, kidney bean, sweet potato, cassava and lettuce. They are also present in linseed (flaxseed), almonds and the seeds of lemons, limes, cherries, apples, apricots, prunes, plums and pears. These common foods are consumed daily by humans and animals in small amounts so there is no need to panic.

Just be mindful of eating what suits you best - albeit raw or cooked!

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