Memory or RAM plays an important role in the performance of a computer. It is a temporary storage place that allows the microprocessor to access data faster. If the computer's processor will access data exclusively from the hard disk, it will take too long to retrieve every piece of data and the overall performance of the computer will be very sluggish. This is the reason why higher capacity memory space significantly improves the speed and performance of a computer. However, upgrading computer memory or RAM can sometimes be burdensome for some people who are not that tech-savvy. Even for knowledgeable person, finding the right type of memory or RAM is not that pretty straight forward.

flash drive or memory card
When Microsoft released Windows Vista operating system, it comes with a tool that allows your computer to use non-volatile memory like USB flash drive or SD memory card to improve performance. The tool is called ReadyBoost which is also available in Windows 7. It is a new concept that works with Windows SuperFetch intelligent memory management which can really come in handy when you badly need to speed up your computer. The removable devices like flash drive or memory card will serve as expansion of your existing memory cache. A removable device offers faster access than ordinary hard disk which can improve system responsiveness significantly.

Simply plug the USB flash drive or SD memory card into you computer and the system automatically checks to see if it is fast enough to be used by ReadyBoost. When the auto-play dialog box appears, choose "Speed up my system" and then go to "ReadyBoost" tab. From there you can allocate available space on your removable device to be used for system speed. You can choose to dedicate the removable device for use with ReadyBoost or allocate just a portion of the available space. Don't worry if you have existing files on the removable drive since it will still be accessible. The recommended size to be used on ReadyBoost is at least 1GB of space. For best result, use a flash drive or memory card that has twice the available space as the existing memory (RAM) of the computer.

Turn off the ReadyBoost for the removable device by going to the properties of the removable drive again. Choose "Do not use this device" and the system will let go of the device for storage use.

This simple but powerful tool helps improve the system performance and responsiveness in few easy steps. The best part of it is that you do not need to add physical memory to your computer and you can add it and remove it anytime you want.


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