Hotel and Room Selection Advice for the Traveller

Price, budget and facilities are generally the only criteria that people use when selecting a hotel.

Hotels do not only offer differing standards of facilities, but they also offer different standards of security.

A lot of theft occurs in and around hotels - they are a concentration of travelers with money - so they attract criminals who are constantly scheming how to get in to your room.

Not all Hotels are Created Equal !Hotel Security

If possible, book into a hotel that has modern electronic guest locks. The majority of the lock combinations are changed with every new guest so nobody else should have access to your room.

Hotels that offer limited access to the hotel are always best.

Confirm if the hotel is located in a high crime rate area. There are some very fine 5 star hotels that are located in some very dubious districts.

Nice to stay in but dangerous to walk out of!

Room Selection

If you have selected a hotel and are comfortable with the level of security it offers, consider the following when booking your room:

★ Select a room between the 3rd and 6th Floors.

It is too easy for criminals to break into the first floor and most fire ladders cannot reach past the 6th Floor.

In a lot of large hotels, the 2nd floor is also used for conference facilities, which increase the numbers of non-hotel guests in the near vicinity of your room.

★ Book a room that IS NOT directly opposite the fire escape of the lift.

If a thief has gained access to the hotel he is likely to attempt to access the room that is closest to his entry point to the floor to minimise the time he spends under surveillance.

Hotel Selection Checklist

  • Located in a safe zone
  • Private Driver Service
  • 24 hour security
  • External and internal CCTV
  • Concealed vehicle drop off points
  • Dedicated Doctor
  • Business Services (fax, ATM, currency exchange, internet)
  • Elevators controlled by electronic card acces

Hotel Room Checklist

  • Solid, secure door with multiple locks and peephole. Keep the deadbolt / security chain on at all times
  • A clear, easy to read hotel map and fire evacuation plan
  • Smoke alarm
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Electronic safe
  • Telephone with external access
  • Broadband internet (for voice communication (Skype) and internet)
  • TV with English language news channel
  • Kettle (for water purification)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wireless panic switch
  • Lockable windows

A little bit of research will go a long way to making your overseas trip a safe one.