How Seniors Can Beat Inflation and Make Extra Money Online

Have you noticed the price of groceries going up every time you visit your local supermarket? Everything else seems to be going up too. If you are a senior and locked into a fixed income, how can you offset the cost of inflation? Is there a way to make money in unexpected ways? In this essay I shall explore how seniors can make extra money online. This will be tantamount to supplementing your income from retirement funds and social security. If you go through the preliminary steps, you will make extra money online.

Do you have a master's degree or equivalent? A Ph.D.? How about an MFA. If you have any of these terminal degrees, you do not have to stand in line in hope of landing a teaching position with a four year college or university. You do not have to stand on the bottom rung of the ladder for hopes that some corporation will hire you. No, you can take the alternative route and teach online.

Teaching Credentials and How to Make Extra Money Online

You do not need a teaching certificate to teach online. In fact, a teaching certificate may be counterproductive. Why? Because the university or college will train you in the way they want you to be trained. And much of the drill you would go through in a college of education is bypassed in an online training program. First, you do not need to have special skills in organizing curricula or making out lesson plans. This is done for you. You do not need to know how to calculate grading, for this is done for you. The entire curriculum of the course you will teach is mapped out before you and is visible on your monitor. Usually, each component of the course appears on the left hand margin of your monitor's text. But even with all this being done for you, you will , nevertheless, be put through a training program. If you qualify, you will go through the training program and work with a mentor for the first couple of courses. So, you don't have to worry about teacher certification. You will be certified by the school for which you are working.

You will have to supply the applicant school with unofficial transcripts and a CV. You may If the school is interested, you may be asked to take a telephone interview. Once all this preliminary work is finished, you will be assigned a mentor and you will teach your first class. Your main job will be to provide feedback to your students. If you are teaching composition, you will provide feedback on spelling, punctuation, grammar and organization. If you are teaching math, the students will solve problems and you will correct them on the efficiency and accuracy of their submissions. Because the main emphasis is on feedback, you must respond to student submissions within a designated time window so that the student is not left hanging. You can now see how this format or curricula organization differs from the traditional mode wherein the teacher designs the course. Sometimes in the traditional model the feedback is provided by a graduate student or TA. Not so with on-line teaching. Feedback is paramount and the university or company will often offer specialized courses in the art of giving feedback.

The Art of Giving Feedback and How Seniors Can Make Extra Money Online

There is an art to feedback and here are some of its components: First acknowledge what the student has said. Either repeat his/her words back to him or paraphrase what she has said. Use a piggy back strategy. As the student you are working with to give the pros and cons of one of her fellow students. Provide the student with references to his problem so that they can look up the concept and be productive when working alone. Provide the student with online help. For example, OWL is an excellent source for basic grammar and composition. Encourage the student to share their discoveries and to make helpful suggestions to fellow students. The better the feedback, the better the course moves along effortlessly and this will enable you to make money online fast.

Make sure the students understand the policies and procedures of the new format. They should know the policy of late submissions, the policy on plagiarism and the policy on the instructor's office hours. They should know how often they must post on the discussion board and what constitutes a valid contribution to the discussion board. Make sure the students know how to access the library on line,how to send email, how to ask questions using Ask the Professor, and when and how to use the student lounge. In other words, the student must know their way around. They must know how to navigate the system and how to locate what they need on the platform. They must understand the grading system. They must learn how to check the Announcement Board each day to see if there is any item they must act upon. The greater the clarity of communication with the students, the less problems will arise.

From time to time there will be problem students. Some may not participate and, of course, this is the essence of online work; the student may use profanity or obscenities, all of which are not tolerated by most administrations. In this case, the student is forewarned in stages. Committees are organized and if necessary the student is removed. It should be noted, however, that this rarely happens. Most misbehavior can be addressed without the removal of the student. Nevertheless, the foregoing is a fair representation of the kind of work you would do in order to earn extra money online. Note, that since the work is online, you do not have to show up a Building X or meet in Conference Room Y.You are free to roam the world.Just carry along your trusty laptop and you will be able to meet all your classes, grade all your students and collect your pay. The pay,by the way, is ordinarily automatically deposited in the account that you designate. This is how you make easy money online.

When you start your quest for online schools, do not be confused about the many names it may go by. Stay alert. Here are some of the names meaning virtually the same thing from a practical point of view: associate degrree online, onlne accredited degrees, earn teaching degree online, online masters degree, and online degree programs. Some are more specific such as online degree accounting and online law degrees. Counselors are available to help you tailor your degree to your goals. These are some advantages of an online degree program.