Outdoor adventurers love to challenge themselves by hiking, climbing and mountain biking. To cover ground efficiently, they need to pack light. Unfortunately, this can be difficult, especially when longer trips demand resources that can take up a lot of room and add uncomfortable weight. Smart outdoor enthusiasts know how to power their devices without having to bring along cumbersome batteries. On the other hand, some don’t use the same kind of foresight. Before you head out on your next adventure, learn Tom's story.

Tom's misadventure

Tom loves hiking; however, it's been a while since he's tested himself against Mother Nature. Years ago, Tom was an avid outdoor adventurer, who traveled long distances over rugged land. Now, family life and work-related responsibilities have left him a little soft in the middle. Still, one summer weekend, he decides to rekindle old memories by backpacking in the mountains for a few days.

To prepare for his trip, Tom packs all sorts of important gear, including a GPS device, cell phone, radio, and flashlight. Unfortunately, to ensure that these electronics will work when he needs them, Tom also has to lug around a lot of extra batteries.

It doesn't take long for Tom to get tired. Although some of his problem can be attributed to his age, most of it is due to the extra weight he's lugging on his shoulders. In the end, Tom isn't able to cover much ground before having to make camp, and he ultimately fails to finish his journey, due to soreness and fatigue.

It could have been different

Smart hikers, climbers and mountain bikers know they can move about more efficiently when they replace their extra batteries with a portable solar panel charger. These amazing modern devices are light, foldable and very efficient.

Not only do portable solar panel chargers allow outdoor adventurers to tap the sun's energy to power their survival equipment, they take up little space and hardly weigh anything at all. This can be a valuable asset to rock climbers, who must pull themselves up steep inclines, and hikers, who have to cope with steep and rugged terrain.