Energy bills in the UK are increasing all the time, and it seems like scarcely a few months pass by without one of the big energy companies increasing their electricity prices. Hard-pressed households are finding it increasingly difficult to cover their energy costs, and as a result more people are looking for ways to use less energy by turning their thermostats down, fitting better insulation, or simply using less power.

However, one increasingly popular option for households across the UK is to install solar panels on their roofs. There are many ways that solar panels can help to cut energy bills, and as the energy providers continue to increase the cost of electricity solar panels could prove to become even more popular.

Free Energy

The main reason why people choose to install solar panels is because they are able to generate completely free energy from the sun. This means that there is no need to worry about energy bills going up every year because once the initial installation costs have been paid, they can enjoy the energy that the panels provide free of charge.

Some people worry that because Britain is not known for the amount of sunshine it receives every year, the energy generated by the solar panels will not be enough. However, this is not a problem because solar panels work even on cloudy days.

Long Lasting

Solar panels do not require much maintenance once they have been installed, meaning once you install them on your roof you will be able to forget about them and simply enjoy the energy that they provide. Modern solar panels can last for decades with very little if any regular maintenance. This also makes the installation costs more of a realistic option for households because they know that it is just a one-off expense and they won’t have to pay more money on looking after their panels over the years.

The Feed-in Tariff Scheme

The Feed-in Tariffs Scheme (FITS) was announced by the government in 2008 and came into effect in 2010. It was launched to encourage more small-scale production of green electricity across the UK by guaranteeing payment for any electricity that households generate for their own use from solar panels or other green sources.

If you install panels on your roof you will also be able to sell any surplus electricity that you generate to the grid, meaning for a set period you will actually be paid for all of the power you produce on top of the savings that you will make from cutting down on the amount of electricity you purchase from the energy companies.

Consider Solar Panels to Save on Your Energy Bills

Solar power can be a great way to cut down on your energy bills. There is an initial investment to be made, but you should consider this a long-term investment that could help you to save a lot of money over the years. In addition, you will be able to do your bit for the environment by using more green electricity in your home, making installing solar panels an even more worthwhile endeavour.