Should you have an automobile accident driving in great britan you'll find that acquiring access to guidance and legal help is easy. The most common injury encountered in a car accident is a whiplash to the neck and even upper spine region. Chances are you'll want to claim for damages if you are injured in a non-fault car accident.Neck area x-ray

The majority of insurance providers have got automated helpline processes which often can assist you throughout the aftermath of your accident but there is also the accessibility of the internet which has a huge selection of information as well as law firms supplying niche tips on numerous legal subjects. So what exactly is the next step if you are injured and require legal assistance?

You need to first of all investigate the available advice on the web. This is simple and hassle-free and can answer many of your questions. It is easy to hire a law firm on the internet these days however prior to doing so you may well wish to know just how your legal costs will be paid for.
In the uk if you make a claim towards a negligent party then in most instances your legal costs will be recoverable. There are a few exceptions but generally speaking the rule with injury compensation claims (including whiplash compensation claims) is that legal fees will be payable when a pain and suffering award surpasses £1,000 in value. Any kind of claim which comes under £1000 is deemed to be a "small claim" matter and isn't deserving of legal intervention or satisfaction regarding legal service fees in pursuing the case. A similar thing applies with property or home damage (car repair charges etc) below £5000. The majority of people will never be aware that £5000 is the small claims court limit throughout the uk regarding property and non-injury cases.

You should ensure that before you begin just about any claim, you have confidence that damages will certainly exceed £1000 in value. Your solicitor will advise you on the merits of your case and on the probability of costs being recovered. When your solicitor agrees to take a risk on your case and offers you No win No fee then they cannot backtrack and look to claim costs from you personally if they make a mistake on damages.
Make sure you make clear the expenses with regards to your solicitor in writing before you decide to start the insurance claims process.

The majority of whiplash claims are settled for approximately £1500-3000 so where pain and suffering lasted in excess of 6 weeks the chances are your case will probably exceed the £1000 minimum sum and charges will be fully recoverable right at the end of your compensation claim