When to wean baby can be a topic for much discussion. Choosing to wean from the bottle will have your baby using a sippy cup sooner than expected.  There are some tricks of parenting that can really help to make the ‘wean from the bottle stage’ easier.  Getting this done will make the next big wean baby stage one that removes diapers and puts them in undies.

How To Start Weaning From The Bottle

Babies like to mock and copy their parents. This can make it easier when weaning baby if you use this copying behavior. Your baby will watch you drink from a cup and so you should start to wean baby by offering them a cup to learn with. Having them already introduced to a new way of drinking will make it less painful when the time comes to wean from the bottle. And anything you can do to pave the way for smooth changes is good.

A Good Age

There have been parents who wait to start weaning from the bottle until the child is three years old. This is not recommended. While the motto of ‘the sooner the better’ isn’t necessarily true in regards of when to wean baby, you don’t want to wait too long either. The recommended age to wean from the bottle is between one and one and a half years. It is easiest to wean baby at this stage because they are mostly using the bottle as needed and not because they are attached to it.

Watch For Cues On When To Wean From The Bottle

There are some parents who simply don’t take into account their life and when to wean baby from items. If you’ve just moved now may not be the time to consider how to wean from the bottle. Babies like habits and routines and they also feel the stress of what’s going on in their parent’s lives. If a new sibling has just arrived wait a little while to implement steps to wean baby. It’s important to try to minimize any changes during periods of stress for your child.

Reasons It’s Important To Wean From The Bottle

Why stress your child out, you may be thinking. But there are reasons it’s important to wean baby from different things and get them started on the next developmental stage in store for them. If you think it’s good to wait to wean from the bottle you may wish to know that children using a bottle have a greater chance for tooth decay and poor dental development. You’ll want to wean baby because a bottle can interfere with their nutritional needs being met. Sucking on a bottle throughout the day may lead them to feel full so they won’t be willing to enjoy some fruits and vegetables when it’s time to eat.

Prepare early by reading and learning how to wean baby, especially how to wean from the bottle and you should be able to help them enter their next stage of development stress free and giggling.