Soups are immediately related to the idea of being sick; most of this is because we can picture being offered steaming chicken noodle soup from our parents when we were sick, with promises that it would help our cold. Soups actually do not have as much of a positive impact on curing a cold as they do on losing weight. Upon watching an episode of Dr. Oz I was impressed when he presented the audience with a brief statement about soups being great for weight loss; I couldn't settle for merely a brief statement, so I had to go and find out why soups were so beneficial for weight loss.

Well, we all know that soups are made up of about 95% water, and 5% other ingredients (noodles, bouillon). So i guess that it is safe to say that soups have a high water content. The two most common reasons that people drink water when they are trying to lose weight through nutrition is because it keeps them hydrated, and it makes them feel fuller. Now, if drinking water makes them feel more satiated, then eating a food product with a lot of water in it like soup must definitely make you feel fuller...BINGO! A serving of soup contains between 150 and 175 calories on average, and it makes you feel just as satiated as you would feel if you ate something like a salad that contained 250 calories. Upon finishing the soup, you would have basically cut out between 75 and 100 calories because you have consumed less while feeling just as full.

Its all positive until you realize that coup has nearly no protein and no carbohydrates. This problem can be hurdled easily by ensuring that you meet your protein and carbohydrate budget within the consumption of your other meals throughout the day. By doing this you still fulfill your protein and carbohydrate consumption needs while consuming about 100 calories less each day. An alternative method to meet your nutrient needs is to add a protein-rich food to the soup; many people use small pieces of chicken to make chicken noodle soup for this method.

With all of that said, soup must be eaten in moderation, and alongside with other meals. For instance, a person eating soup for 5 meals per day would be saving a lot of calories; however, they would have very little energy due to their low carbohydrate intake, and very little muscle maintenance due to their low protein intake. Soups can safely be included in a nutritional weight loss plan once per day. Someone who consumes 100 calories less on a daily basis by eating soup will almost lose an extra full pound per month!

I'm sure that everyone who has a desire to lose weight and has read this article is already boiling water and getting the ingredients prepared for their soup. When eaten in moderation, coup can definitely help you lose weight; provided that you prepare your other meals with the nutrients that the soup lacks in mind, you will surely lose weight while consuming the same necessary nutrients. For an even better weight loss effect opt for the low-sodium or low-calorie options of soup.