Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Means...

Freedom from Cramps, Uncomfortable Typing and the License to be Awesome

About a year ago, my girlfriend accidentally spilled beer on my keyboard. That was ok because I had a backup, but as Murphy’s law dictates, within a week I spilled orange juice on my backup. So I was in the market for a new keyboard, and I wanted a wireless ergonomic keyboard.

I use my keyboard enough to want a wireless ergonomic keyboard instead of a standard one, even though I did shell up the price for a Apple iMac 21.5 that comes with its own keyboard (By the way, totally worth it.)

But which to buy?

After much doing of what you are doing now and browsing reviews and articles about wireless ergonomic keyboards available on the market today, I finally settled on the Logitech K350 Wireless Ergonomic keyboard. Here I am, a year later, to make your decision about a wireless ergonomic keyboard easy and tell you exactly why you need the Logitech K350 wireless ergonomic keyboard.


Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Means Something to the Logitech K350

Ergonomic seems to be a buzzword lately.

Anything with a cushion is suddenly “ergonomic”. I want you to know that this is not the case with the Logitech K350.

It truly is the most comfortable and sturdy keyboard on which I have ever typed. I spend a lot of my free time online, and much of my work life requires the use of a desk and a keyboard.Making that a wireless ergonomic keyboard in the form of a Logitech K350 was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The Logitech K350 comes with a comfortable pad on which you rest your wrists as you type.

My girlfriend has used it before and I can safely say that it provides comfort to a variety of sizes of hands and wrists. Logitech was careful to place it not too high yet not too low so that it is optimal for the bent typing position of your wrists.


Logitech K350 an Optimal Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard for Frequent Typists

One thing that always concerns me when it comes to buying a wireless ergonomic keyboard online is whether or not I will like the way it types. I am happy to report that the Logitech K350 wireless ergonomic keyboard types just the way I – a frequent user of keyboards – prefer it to.

I really like the wave style of the keys as opposed to conventional keyboards. I feel it is more suited toward the placement of the fingers while typing.

Another concern that was addressed through this wireless ergonomic keyboard for me was the pressing of the button. The Logitech K350 wireless ergonomic keyboard presses quietly when you type the keys. If you are a fast typist, it can get annoying to the people around you (I am sure my girlfriend could tell you a thing or two).

That is not a problem with the Logitech K350 wireless ergonomic keyboard with the smooth press of the button.

I also feel that the keys are sturdy when I press on them. Some keyboards feel weak when I use them, as if I will break them typing a report or a blog post. The Logitech K350 wireless ergonomic keyboard is not one of those wimpy keyboards.

Something else I am happy to report – in all of the use this keyboard has gotten, the buttons have yet to wear off.  I am a chronic button-wearer. Maybe I should invest in a nice keyboard cover pad from Amazon, but we shall see.


The Logitech K350 delivers on Mechanical Promises

This wireless ergonomic keyboard has never once had a connection issue with my computer which has been a common issue for me in the past. It comes with a three year keyboard battery life and programmable keys which I have used with ease.

I must say, I also like the attractive classic black.

The Logitech K350 is a wireless ergonomic keyboard not for the faint of heart. Though it has an awesome range of usage, it may not be as portable as some of the Logitech Bluetooth keyboards made for use with the iPad. This is more likely to be a home wireless ergonomic keyboard because it is rather large – it is a full keyboard, make no mistake.

You should definitely consider buying this if you know you will spend a lot of time on your computer, or if you find yourself uncomfortable or strained when using your current keyboard.

At the rate I use mine, I should have Carpal Tunnel syndrome by now. Thanks to the Logitech K350 wireless ergonomic keyboard, I am in the clear.

(And so will you if you get it. If not, well, hey, I warned you.)

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