Have you ever seen someone and wondered how they could have possibly become as successful as they have? They may be good at what they do but they aren’t as good as they seem to be successful. There are reasons for that. Not all successful people are stupid and not all stupid people are successful but lacking logic can give advantages that make life not just a battle of the most logical. Those reasons are based on mistakes of logic that ultimately give them advantage over those that can think completely clearly. These qualities can also be found in most successful people as well. Instead of it being a flaw of logic they use it as a motivational device. As you learn these distinctions imagine how you could use them in your own life.

Listening to Statistics

It is not logical to try and grow up to be a rock star. It’s just not practical. The odds of success are one in a million at best. Who are these people trying to become a rock star when all the odds are stacked against them? All of these people find a way to overlook the odds that are stacked against them. They know that great talent can only get you so far in life. Somehow you need to find a way to get some life advantage. It’s just like scratch tickets. The odds are completely against them but they are still trying to make it. There are two types of people that succeed in being rock stars. The ones that look past the odds and do it despite or in spite of their chances of making it. The second type genuinely thinks that they’re going to succeed. This field in particular is flooded with this type of person. Someone who decided that the odds are too stacked against them will never become a rock star because they never tried. That means that the luck aspect can never work in the logical persons favor.

Diversification Works Both Ways

To make something happen, you need to put something at stake. Working a job makes you give away your time. To make money off an investment requires you to risk money. Everything has its risks. Risks are usually not a good idea. If there is a remote chance that you can lose everything then you shouldn’t put it on the line. Logically speaking. It’s better to take smaller risks. That means that the gains are limited as well. The more careful someone is about risk the less likely they are to receive a huge reward. That goes for every aspect of life. By sheer luck alone, but not in all cases, some people will become wildly successful for being the one to take a dumb risk. This is a hard thing for an intelligent person to emulate without worrying about the risk. In most cases, I’d recommend you don’t.

You have to DO not think

It doesn’t all have to do with luck though. While you are looking up ways to become better at what you do, the more foolish is doing what they do and getting better at it. You have to avoid paralysis of analysis in life. It will just hold you down. You do not need to be an efficient person to become successful. You need to do. That is the key to anything in life. If you think to much then you won’t end up completing as much. If you don’t complete as much then you don’t improve or have any chance of becoming successful for it. So think a little less.

Being stupid can have it’s advantages. In low risk situations, I highly recommend it. As a smart person, what can you take from this? Do what you enjoy no matter how unlikely success may be. Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t risk enough. Lastly, quit thinking about doing something. Do it now. Those three things get stupid people and smart people ahead in life. You don’t need to have anything special if you play your cards right. So start today and never look back.