Over the years, many different products claim that they are life changing. Swiffer claimed to be one of these. No longer did you need a mop or a broom, the Swiffer will take the place of all of them! This did not turn out to be the absolute truth, but it did develop into a great product with a number of decent spin-offs.

The Swiffer was designed to trap dust and dirt in its cleaning surface. This allows you to clean hardwood floors, tile, and laminate flooring with ease. You just simply glide the Swiffer over the surface, and it takes care of the rest. Well, this only works if the surface is completely dry. It also does nothing for dried-on stains. So for light dusting, it's great! For real messes, you still had to break out the old mop.

The Swiffer Wet Jet filled in a bunch of the problems with the original Swiffer. By giving the Swiffer a battery-powered cleaner sprayer, the Swiffer could now act like a wet mop. I have to admit the Wet Jet really improved the functionality of the Swiffer line. It still isn't great at really bad, dried-on messes, but does do a great job on just about everything else. My only complaint with the Wet Jet is the lack of serious scrubbing power that it has. I find myself leaning over the Swiffer and exerting tremendous pressure on it to attack the worst stains. After the release of the Wet Jet they also came out with different cleaner formulas for different surface types, expanding the usefulness even further. They now offer a formula for wood floors, an anti-allergen formula, and various others.

The single best Swiffer offspring has to be the little Swiffer Duster. This little brilliant tool cut down my dusting time by at least half. You only have to run it over a surface once to fall in love with it. I used to hate dusting my TV and electrical appliances and now it takes nothing to get them looking great! The duster sucks up dust like a magnet and traps it away. My wife and I have a lot of small picture frames and different commemorative items that we have displayed on our mantel and the duster does a great job of cleaning them without having to pick each one up and dust them separately. It also makes cleaning window blinds and ceiling fans a snap.

Try the Swiffer line of products for yourself and see if they make a difference in your cleaning time as well. They are not for every cleaning project, but they do make routine cleaning a snap. There are a number of sites that offer Swiffer coupons.