It's a Jonas brothers frenzy out there folks. The diehard tween and teenage demographic is dying to find out all the information they can about these young stars. Some of the information that they are seeking can be downright scary and creepy like home addresses and phone numbers. But there are plenty of people wondering how tall are the Jonas brothers? I'd say that is a fair question to ask considering that they are all really about the same height so there isn't much to judge from in those regards.

Alright so we will start with Nick Jonas because the band pretty much got started because of him in the first place. Another reason is that according to sources he is also the tallest of the brothers standing at 5'11. I would say that is slightly above average and not tall by any means. However considering that their look is marketed towards junior high and high school girls it's probably best that he isn't a larger physical figure.

The next of the brothers on the list is Kevin Jonas. He would be the one that most of the young girls no longer care about because he is in fact married and off the market. It's all about the sex appeal and whether he is tall or not being married means less attention from the daydreaming masses. All the same Kevin Jones is actually the shortest of the group standing around 5'9 which is pretty much average for a guy.

That leaves the youngest of the three brothers last. I'm talking about Nick Jonas and he is right in the middle of the others standing at an even 5'10. So the three brothers are all just a few inches apart in terms of height. Would you consider those boys to be tall? I'd say that is about average for most teenage guys but at their age they could still be growing especially Nick Jonas who could very likely end up the tallest in the group.

Well I hope this answered the question how tall are the Jonas brothers for all the fans at home. Are you interested in finding out which of the Jonas brothers is the same height as Taylor Swift? The link at the end of the article will reveal the answer. Feel free to leave any comments or questions here on the article in regards to anything related to this topic.