Green tea and Diabetes

Green tea has been found to have some influence in type II diabetes particularly by preventing the occurrence of the disease. Studies have shown that green tea taken without milk can reduce chances of developing type two diabetes through various mechanism that influence body mechanisms and insulin activity in the body. Type II diabetes is the type of diabetes that arises from unusually high blood sugar levels that can either be as a result of low insulin production or high intakes of glucose that the body cannot handle. Diabetes is referred to as a lifestyle disease as most individuals who develop the condition develop it as a result of poor eating practices. If you do not keep tabs on the amount of sugar intake on a daily basis, you are most likely to develop the condition in the long run.

Green tea is advised as a method of preventing diabetes due to various reasons. Green tea improves insulin activity in the regulation of ingested glucose that might increase the blood glucose level.

Activity of Green Tea in the body

Insulin is the major hormone involved in the regulation of blood glucose levels as it is released in large amounts. when the body mechanisms detects high blood glucose, insulin acts on the kidney to increase re-absorption of water in order to produce large amounts of urine excreted with glucose. The action of green tea on insulin activity helps in the reduction of high blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Reduction

Green tea also contains natural anti-oxidants that reduce blood sugar levels. Anti oxidant EGCG is found naturally in green tea and affects the metabolism of glucose in the body. If there are high amounts of glucose in the body, taking green tea will release the action of this anti oxidant on the glucose and subsequently regulating the blood glucose levels.

Other than the power to prevent the development of type II diabetes among individuals, green tea also helps in reducing complications arising from it. This is because the anti oxidants and the action on insulin activity of the green tea are still effective even after one has already developed diabetes and therefore continues to help in controlling the situation.

Nature of Compounds in Green Tea

Herbal tea do not have these same effects as the green tea. The compounds present in green tea that cause these beneficial effects are very volatile. This consequently means that for the preventive effect of green tea against diabetes, you will have to take up to six cups a day in order for these compounds to be constantly available to the body. Green tea taken for these functions is also recommended to be taken without milk or Soya milk as there are some compound in milk that inhibit the activity of prevention of diabetes.

Other than the green tea, coffee has also been found to have some effects in the prevention of type II diabetes also. They have compounds that also affect the metabolism of glucose in the body. For coffee as prevention against diabetes, it is advisable to take decaffeinated coffee.

The power of these green teas in affecting diabetes type II is truly a marvel. However, it is important to seek advice from a medical doctor since not all these effects are applicable to every individual. You should also be tested for diabetes every once in a while. If you have diabetes in your family as an inherited condition may not be prevented by green tea. Nature has its own way of offering treatment but you should not go overboard in seeking nature’s remedies. Taking more than seven tea cups a day may also have some negative effects on the body.

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