Coffee or tea...its a common question at a restaurant or bar, and solely depends on personal preference right? Unfortunately it doesn't only depend on personal preference. Contrary to popular belief, coffee may taste good and keep you awake, but tea can significantly help you lose weight if drank properly. Many people enjoy drinking tea solely for the great taste; they may or may not know this but there are a number of health benefits that go along with drinking it. This article is designed to go through the different ways that various teas, and teas in general, can help your ability to lose weight, and how they can also hinder that same ability.

First and foremost, a tea bag contains virtually no calories, so when it is added to boiling water you get a flavoured drink that is nearly calorie-less. Drinking water also fills your stomach up slightly, which in turn will cause you to eat slightly less. When you combine the above facts, you get a calorie-free drink that will cause you to eat less...not convinced yet?

Secondly, the effects of drinking a warm drink can have a positive effect on your metabolism. You see, when you consume warm liquids your body heats up by quite a bit. Your body would rather be at a cooler temperature, so when you heat it up it will work hard to cool down. Your heart rate speeds up when your body is trying to cool down, and immediately when your heartbeat speeds up your metabolism also raises. And you guessed it, when your metabolism speeds up, you burn more fat. Since tea is generally drank at a warm temperature, it causes the above chain of effects on your body!

Specific teas have effects on your body that help your ability to lose weight. Green tea is definitely the most popular in this category because of its great ability to raise your metabolism, and ultimately burn fat; you can see a more in depth analysis of its effects by reading Green Tea: Are Its Effects Significant. Black tea has many antitoxins in it which detoxify your body; a detoxified body runs more efficiently and has a slightly faster metabolism. There are no absolute weight loss effects of Oolong tea; however, it is speculated that the leaves that it is created from help you to lose weight. I will follow up on this as more information is released to me.

With all of these positive effects on weight loss, there have to be some negative ones. The amount of caffeine in some teas is very miniscule, and can be considered a slight negative effect of them. The greater of the negative effects would have to be that tea tastes much better when sugar or honey is added to it. If you are a person that enjoys tea that has been sweetened with sugar or honey then you must understand that adding them will negate the positive effects that were stated because they will add plenty of calories and "negative" carbohydrates. It is best to drink plain, unsweetened tea in water to experience the effects that help your ability to lose weight.

Tea may not be everyone's fancy, but it is definitely easy to see the positive effects that it has on a person's ability to lose weight through nutrition. Drink it unsweetened to experience all of the positive effects, and allow it to help you burn off some of that undesired fat.