What are Kids Really Learning?

They Consume Technology all Day

How Technology Changed our Childhoods

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Remember when children used to go outside and play? Technology has played a big impact in the way kids are growing up and learning. People born in the early 90’s were able to witness this shift. It was their childhoods that were exposed to the time when home gaming systems started to hit the market in noticeable numbers.

Let’s touch base in regards with how things were before video games and computers. Although these machines have existed for a long time, they were first developed for military purposes rendering them inaccessible to the public population. Before all of these inventions, people actually used corded telephones connected to land lines from homes in order to communicate with each other.

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Think about how life was before facebook. Before cell phones were in everyone’s hands, we couldn’t contact people through the push of a button if we weren’t in a building with a land line. Nowadays it’s not even a button anymore, but a touch screen. Even then, phones only transmitted sounds. With the understanding of how low tech things were back then, we can imagine how life was.

Children growing up in that era did not have much at home to entertain them. The only thing that there was to really do at home was watch the television. This can get boring, although many parents allowed their kids to watch it all day. I know I was one of those children. Ultimately however, almost all children went outside to play at parks and interact with people their age. Through doing so, this generation was able to learn how to communicate with others on many different levels that young people today never learned.

For instance, older generations tend to be able to read body language quite easily and know when there is something wrong when speaking to someone. They pick up more on feelings and usually have a decent sense of empathy. These are important skills to have as human beings because they keep us connected with each other. Technology is not a bad thing, but it is tearing society apart in ways many people do not see.

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People used to have to call and plan things out over the phone before meeting. “Flaking” was rare as you could not just send a text message to people last minute giving them some poor excuse. Relationships were stronger between individuals because there were more physical interactions between them. When people went to parties, they actually spoke to each other, as opposed to sitting awkwardly in a corner texting others.

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The way kids are raised in today’s world is far different from our past. The economy is tougher than ever to get by in causing parents to work all day setting aside little time to spend with their kids if any. The youth of today still needs things to do and since technology is reasonably affordable, most young people have some sort of device that will link them to the internet with others. This can be good and bad in many ways. Let’s start with negatives and save the best for last.

Our bodies aren’t meant to be sitting around all day staring at a computer screen watching television or playing video games. We are built for movement and exercise. Because of technology, there are more people than ever who are overweight all over the world. Everyone knows that obesity can lead to many health problems that will not be explained here because there are far too many.

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Aside from being unhealthy, kids are learning everything that people post online. This is partially why young people are so desensitized to violence these days to the point that it is funny to them and they think of it as a joke. Almost all media they consume is violent in one way or another. Video games are based on killing things and watching people get hurt brings laughter at first reaction. This is simply how our brains are being wired. One last thing to note is that kids aren’t learning how to behave or interact with people in person as they should. This can lead to miscommunications when they do interact with people in real life and even violent behavior if their parents aren’t there to teach them. Technology is designed to help us, but an unforeseen effect is that people are becoming lazy and taking advantage of it all too well.


I will say however that it is not all bad. Technology is allowing humanity to grow and develop new ways to do things that we could never have achieved before. Science technology is saving lives across the board and allowing people to live longer. We are able to calculate problems and equations with the click of a button and basically use computers as a second brain. It is great not having to use the brain whenever possible because it makes life seem a lot more simple and easy. The computer allows us to write things down faster than ever before and is enabling humanity to share on exponential levels in comparison to the old ways.

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Technology is a great and powerful tool we can utilize in our progression as a species. On a side note, there is something called Moore’s Law. It states that about every two years or so, the power of computer chips double. Although some experts believe it will diminish over time because the silicon chip can only get so small, there have been recent developments with the discovery of a substance called graphene. In essence, graphene is merely a single layer of carbon atoms, but has astonishing properties which are still being developed. Many believe it will inevitably replace the silicon chip.

My only caveat to fellow brethren is this; do not forget who you are. Do not forget that technology isn’t a shield to hide behind allowing you to step on others for personal gain. Remember that we are all family, and family shouldn’t harm each other. Always remember that life is precious and killing is wrong every time. Do not place blame on anything but yourself for we have free will. Always fight for what is right. When things seem difficult, take a step back and look at the whole picture instead the pixel you’re living in. Be aware of the system you’re living in do not be oblivious to its future; your future.