How Can I Make Money as a Teenager?

As a teen you’re at a distinct disadvantage to make money but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some money. There are several methods you can approach making money as a teen. The first thing you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard. Even though you don’t have a whole lot of skills at this point in your life you can be positive and do what it takes to succeed in a job. Being on time to your job and showing your employer that you care about what you’re doing will go a long way to your success. In this guide we’ll look at both some traditional jobs and ways you can use the Internet to make a little money when you’re not studying or going to school.

How Teens Can Make Money - Service Jobs

The easiest place to start looking for a job is with your local service industry. These jobs are found in fast-food restaurants, mall shops, Wal-Mart and other places. Most of this work is part-time and you won’t receive a great deal of cash for what you’re doing.  In some restaurants you’ll also receive tips from customers so be sure to do a good job serving your guests. You don’t usually need any experience for these jobs and a service job will likely be the first one you have in your life. These jobs look great on a resume and the work experience can help you land a future high-paying job.  While a service job might not seem so great now they are still worth your time. Be sure to apply in person which shows enthusiasm on your part. While it’s nice to fill out an application online you’re better of going to your local place of employment and just asking for a form.  Be sure you have a resume done before you do because they may ask you for one.

Teenager Jobs - The Helper

Another way teenagers can start to make money is just offer your help to someone. You can put a flyer at your local store and offer to do some odd jobs. In the winter you could shovel snow if you live in a cold climate, in the summer you could mow grass or do garden work.  There might be someone in your local neighbourhood that needs help with someone like a building project, which would be good experience for you. Other options include babysitting or just running errands for an elderly person.  These jobs won’t earn you more than some spending money but they are still great experience.

How Can I Make Money as a Teenager - Use the Internet

One way you can make money as a teen is to use the Internet. Get yourself a good camera or video recorder and make some YouTube videos. Once you get some views you can be accepted by Google as an advertising partner and make money from your videos. You can make anything you like but how-to videos are always good. For example, you could make game guides of your favourite games, or if you’re female, give make-up or fashion tips. If you have musical skills make up some lessons for people and share that. The possibilities with YouTube are endless and you could make some nice income over time just don’t expect anything in the beginning. If you’re a writer you could write articles for content sites and make income that way or you could sell photographs and other media. If you have special interests consider starting a blog and make money from advertising or affiliate product sales. Over time as you grow the blog you’ll see some profits.

Writing Jobs

There are many places online to write for some income such as InfoBarrel. At most of these sites you'll get a share of advertising revenue. It's berst to check each site out and see if it's right for you. You can make some decent money over time which is called passive income from these sites but it takes a little work on your part and many give up because they don't see results right away with their efforts.

You Can Make Money as a Teenager

To make some cash try finding a local service or make up flyers advertising that you are willing to do odd jobs. Go online and make YouTube videos, write or sell other media such as photographs. Start your own blog or personal website. Money won’t come to you, but with some work you’ll put some cash in your pocket even though you don’t have work experience behind you yet.