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Rock and roll is a genre of music that has gone through many stages over the years. With new bands arising, rock and roll has begun to collect many different subgenres that are unique and interesting. Probably one of the most influential bands that changed rock and roll in the 60s and 70s is The Doors. Before The Doors, rock and roll was very much censored. Many pop rock bands were making fame such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and many more. These bands always had a certain look: those stylish haircuts, matching outfits, and girls that would go crazy over them. The craze for rock and roll really began to hit it off with the introduction of American Bandstand to the nation. This gave teens a chance to listen to music and enjoy the bands in a new way. Rock and roll was definitely more conservative in that time.


With the introduction of The Doors, that all began to change. The Doors brought along with them the lifestyle of rock and roll that we all have come to know and love: pyschedelic rock. With the emergence of this new sound, many bands such as The Beach Boys and The Who began to get into this type of sound. The Beach Boys, for example, starting experimenting more with their music. The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" is a great example of this. The Who, who started out as a sort of pop rock band began to start thinking of more experimental and pyschedelic tunes, such as the emergence of their rock opera album "Tommy" and the hit song "Baba O'Riley". All around the world, teenagers began to experiment with drugs, and sink slowly into the music.

The Doors is probably one of the most controversial and influencing band of that time period. Concerts were crazy. Jim Morrison poeticly sang obscene lyrics onstage while topless women screamed and shouted for more. Fans threw joints up onstage and smoked during concerts. The Doors were so extreme that when they played for Ed Sullivan, Morrison refused to change the lyrics to "Light My Fire", and sang the lines, "girl we couldn't get much higher", in front of a live audience while parents were outraged.

What is important about The Doors is that they broke the traditional conventions of music that were so valued in previous years. They were letting the art free them, in a sense. There was no more censoring, no more "clean cut" and "wholesome" view of rock and roll. It had become a place for sex, drugs, and an out of this world experience. But this is not to say that their accomplishments were bad. The Doors broke these conventions during a time when teenagers began to rebel against their parents and the government. The Doors' music help them "break on through to the other side". Without The Doors, rock and roll music would not be what it is today. Although there were many issues of censorship in music in the 80s as well, the 60s and 70s was the first time in history that bands such as The Doors challenged these ideals of modesty and morality. It was no longer about singing "wholesome" lyrics. It was about expressing yourself and saying what you wanted to say. The Doors broke so many conventions that led to a freedom in music, and the freedom to express yourself creatively without fear. The Doors brought a new love and amazment for music during this time period.

What is also important to note is the new sound that was brought along with them. Ray Manzarek opened new doors with his masterful organ playing. The sound of the organ and Robby Kreiger shredding guitar is a moment no one can forget in music history. The organ intro to "Light My Fire" is probably one of the most famous intros of its time. With a renewed emphasis on muscial creativity in sound, The Doors brought a renaissance back to music. No longer were bands such as The Who going to play the same simple guitar chords over and over like The Beatles. . It can also be said that the blues style of music with rock and roll was brought along with The Doors. Bands such as Led Zeppelin began to use blues undertones in their rock music. Two of the most famous examples of this new blues sound from The Doors are the albums "Morrison Hotel" and "L.A. Woman". Each of these albums has strong blues undertones that really make the albums fantastic.

As music began to advance during this time of change in the country, Jim Morrison and The Doors led the way to new freedom and innovation with their poetic lyrics, blues riffs, and the echoing sound of Jim Morrison's haunting voice, trailing through the air....resonating in the minds and hearts of their biggest fans, through the California trees, and through the desert sands, into a time in history that will trully never be forgotten in the minds and hearts of their most devoted fans...

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