The Mirage is one of the biggest and most well known hotels in the whole of Las Vegas. Designed by architect Joe Bergman and built by Steve Wynn, this megaresort opened in November of 1989. It revolutionized the entire city by being the most expensive and exquisite at the time, effortlessly merging entertainment with accommodation.

The stunning Las Vegas at night

The New Standard for All

Wynn created a new standard for all hotel owners in Las Vegas to meet. In fact, many in the entertainment industry believe he is the father of how the city stands today. By 1989, the tourism in the city was dwindling to a new low. People were finding other, more exciting places to visit. Other states legalized the sport of gambling, specifically New Jersey, where Atlantic City was born.

Without the Mirage, Las Vegas would never have recovered. It showed people the way. If other hotel owners wanted to keep the tourists, they had to meet the same standards.

While offering something exciting for tourists, it played to their safety concerns by adding security cameras to all the table games in the casino. While this offered more safety for the people, it meant that the casinos could watch out for sharks, card-counters and those using other sundry methods to win.

Popular in Film and TV

The Mirage soon became a popular spot for many TV shows and movies. In fact, Siegfried and Roy was filmed there between 1990 and 2003. This helped to boost tourism considerably and made Las Vegas a fashionable destination for vacations again. It has always been a point for movies, including Rounders, Ocean’s Eleven and 2012.

By adding it to so many movies, people saw that Las Vegas was still an excellent spot. The numerous additions around the hotel, including the popular Treasure Island, also helped.

Adding New Attractions for People

While offering somewhere to stay and a casino for many different games,  the hotel also offers many different types of entertainment. It has helped the city become a spot for families and not just those old enough to gamble. There is a spectacular volcano at the front that erupts on a daily basis and a habitat with animals that roam.

This has paved the way for other hotels to start offering more entertainment. It has opened the doors for extravagance to convince people with all types of budgets and interests to visit.

The Mirage was the biggest and most expensive hotel when it was built at the time and is now one of the most famous. It offers a range of activities for families and was the first to introduce the extra security of CCTV cameras on each of the game tables in the casino. Without Steve Wynn, Las Vegas would have ended up losing tourists to Atlantic City, New Jersey, and would not have been the exciting place it is today.