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How The Second Half Sunk Duke

You can make a case that Duke has been the most dominate program in the NCAA since Mike Krzyzewski took over in 1980. Since that time, Duke basketball tickets have been about as easy to come by as Super Bowl tickets, and the Duke basketball roster has been filled with future NBA stars. Coach K has won four National Championships, reached four more finals, and three more Final Fours. That means, in total, Blue Devil basketball has made the Final Four 11 times in the previous 29 seasons. While that is absolutely remarkable, the stat also may shock casual college basketball fans who seem to think that Duke is always in the Final Four. In fact, since Coach K took over the team has lost twice in the First Round, five times in the Second Round and seven times in the Sweet Sixteen. While they may be a powerhouse, Duke does have off years. With that in mind, it's not as big of a shock that the Blue Devils went down to Arizona last night. What is surprising, though, is how hard they went down.

The Blue Devils led by as much as 11 in the first half and kept that lead until the 15 minute mark in the second half when all hell broke lose on the floor. Arizona went on a 29-12 run and ended up outscoring the Duke 55-33 in the second half. It wasn't so much that they scored, but instead how they scored. Duke looked like they were shell shocked as Arizona seemingly ran the floor without much defense from the Blue Devils. Duke looked like a team who just forgot to play basketball for about ten minutes, and by the time they started playing again, it was a white wash. You can watch years of college basketball and not see the kind of run the Wildcats found themselves on in route to their 93-77 victory. Take a look at the stats at ncaa.com, you will want to cover your eyes.

So after winning it all last year, duke basketball went out in the Sweet Sixteen for the 8th time in Coach K's career and the second time in three seasons. While you can't win them all, this was a game that is not going to sit with with Duke fans.