Meditation in Cambodian Monkhood
Credit: Renee Baron of R_x - renee barron (cc)

One of the founding principles in Quantum Physics is the recognition that matter and light are made of the same energy vibrating at different speeds. As thought slows down and gathers condensation, it manifests at emotional, spiritual, and finally physical levels.


Thoughtforms Created Through Sound Imprint Our Minds And Emotions

Ancient scriptures connected intimately to the Kemetic spiritual lessons that preceded them speak of sound being the first aspect of creation in the heavens. Sound is a powerful vibration that we utilize often, but rarely is it used wisely in “modern” societal circles. Idle chatter and chronic complaining do their part in charging the ethers negatively and impacting both the complaining party and others subjected to the negative auras they create.

Working with chants and affirmations is one way of creating mental directions that are eventually internalized in the fertile soil of the emotions and the astral plane, and manifested through our actions and, in some cases the force of merely our will, on the earth plane.


What We Imagine Can Gain Emotional Mass On Very Deep Levels

As we're not “on” all the time, our receptive function is an important aspect of thought formation. Thoughts get turned around in our minds, gestate, morph, and take on new or enhanced proportions if their on course to expand. Those that aren't fueled by our belief or emotional investment, disintegrate with nothing to attach to, unable to gather energy from within us.

Visual symbols, configurations, and the vibrational degrees of light we call colors have major impacts on our receptive function. The language of the psyche is symbolic. When a symbolic message is taken in through imagery (still, cinematic, or otherwise), deep psychological beliefs can be processed. Knowing this provides  ample motivation to pay close attention to what archetypes society is being subjected to through the media. If you don't agree with them, turn off the telly and use an opensource program to create your own.


Thoughtforms Of All Kinds Are Empowered By Attention


We're influenced by a great many long-standing symbolic thoughtforms on a regular basis that have very real etheric imprints fueled by the beliefs that have gone before. We've all entered houses inhabited by unhappy people. The air itself within them is heavy and the response of our psyche is usually to “get away” and leave. We respond to etheric information more than we're taught to acknowledge in mainstream society, but the “powers that be” are very aware of the power of thoughtforms and actively manipulate them as a matter of course.

A popular saying in metaphysical circles is “Energy goes where attention goes.” It says everything, in essence. Those things we truly believe and invest emotional weight in manifest for us more than those things we consider to be “pipedreams” or regard with the belief that they will not come true. If we're to change anything in our lives that is chronically or seriously wrong, we must first acknowledge the etheric pattern at its root and work to dissolve it so we may build something healthier for ourselves and communities in its place.

To this end, critical thinking comes in handy if it is balanced and leads the course through which the mind can find its way to a more balanced set of possibilities for manifestation. All too often, though, individuals who want to create change lose faith in the process and give up because the buds of their seeds are “too small” for their tastes or don't come fast enough. Many have a very impatient relationship with time, and this undoes a lot of good they could manifest for themselves with diligent focus and effort. Dissolving negative thoughtforms and replacing them with positive ones should be carefully considered.

Once negative patterns begin to dissolve, you can move forward upon a well-planned path, and let your psyche take care of the rest. As you become accustomed to new perspectives, you will automatically find yourself thinking along the lines of the new direction you intend for yourself if you're diligent. In a shorter time than you think (give it a least 21 days to see small changes in yourself and environment), you'll see the results of new thoughtforms in your personal etheric blueprint manifested in your environment, and it will be glorious.

There's plenty more to us than we realize. As much as we're creatures of habit, we have the ability to switch habits at will if we utilize focused strength planting new seeds.

Happy Manifesting!