How To Reduce Your Bills


Besides filing tax returns, paying for electrical utility bills is probably one of the worst things you would want to do. There is an old saying that says there are two things you cannot avoid in life: tax and death. Yet, unfortunately, after the start of the 20th century, a third item was added to that saying, and that is electrical utility bills. Nowadays, everything from light bulbs to mobile phones require electricity, and electricity costs a lot of money. Fortunately, there are a few ways on how to save money on electric bill every month. To get to know some of the most useful techniques out there, scroll down and read on! Let's reduce our electrical utility bills together!


1. Unplug or Turn Off All Electrical Devices When Not Used

One of the best and easiest ways to reduce your bills is to turn off or unplug all electrical devices when you are not using them. One of the best examples for this tip is to turn off all air conditioners when you leave your home. Yes, even though it would keep your room dry and clean, it would also hog a great percentage of your electrical utility bills. Also, don't forget to unplug all devices that you are not using. This is very important because it is proven that even though the device may not be turned on, it may still be using electricity.

2. Changing to Energy Saving Light Bulbs

According to Energy Star Qualified Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs, these energy saving CFLs with certified Energy Star can produce about 75% less heat and use about 75% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs. Not only can these light bulbs cut energy costs, they are also safer to operate as they do not produce too much heat or burn the delicate hands of small children in the house!
Just a side note though, from my experience, these light bulbs in my house tend to burn out so often that they do not seem to have saved me any money in the long run.

3. Installing Bathroom Light/Fan Timers

Several times I had seen a bathroom with a timer in it, and every time I had wished I had one of them in my house. These timers serve the purpose to turn off your light or fan after you have left the bathroom and totally forgot about them. Light timers are timers that control the amount of time heat producing light bulbs will glow before stopping, and fan timers and timers that control the amount of time exhaust fans run after a bathroom visit. With bathroom timers installed, lights and fans can be more easily controlled and therefore more energy saved. In the long run, this means cheaper electrical utility bills!

4. Cleaning Filters

Be sure to clean your filters once in a while. Dusty filters can cause their associated devices to run more than needed. Not cleaning the filters of a refrigerator, for example, can cause the compressor to work more than required. Also, like we all know, the more a mechanical device runs, the sooner it will break.

5. Sealing Up Heat Leaks

According to the Alliance to Save Energy, "a home that's properly insulated and sealed improves energy efficiency by up to 20% year-round". Heat can leak through all kinds of small holes such as those under doors. To reduce your electrical utility bills, be sure to seal up some of the major holes in your house!

6. Keep All Windows Closed and Curtains Pulled

When an air conditioner or heater is on, be sure all windows and curtains are closed. Heat or the cold air from outside of windows can penetrate the glass and directly affect the temperature of the inside. If curtains are pulled, there will be another layer of protection against the variant air outside and the affect of the outside will not be as much. In fact, this is such an issue that there are even specially made curtains designed to block the heat or coldness outside the window being sold! Be sure to grab one of those if you wish to reduce the temperature difference inside and outside your house.

7. Update You Household Technologies

LED TVs are more efficient than LCD TVs, LCD TVs are more efficient than Plasma TVs, and Plasma TVs are more efficient than CRT TVs, if all the sizes are the same. According to CNET, "plasmas [TVs] consume, on average, roughly two to three times more electricity to produce an image of the same brightness as LCD". If we could all change to LEDs, or if not possible LCD TVs, think about how much energy we could all save in the long run from electrical utility bills!

8. Purchase ENERGY STAR (or TCO) Certified Products

Similar to TCO, Energy Star is an internationally used standard for the efficient use of energy in products. According to Energy Star's website, "devices carrying the Energy Star logo, such as computer products and peripherals, kitchen appliances, buildings and other products, generally use 20%–30% less energy than required by federal standards". Many products today are striving to aim for better efficiencies on their products. Technically speaking, any product you purchase that is certified with Energy Star, you will be saving 20% to 30% more money from electrical utility bills.



If you follow these tips, even if not all, you will definitely reduce your future electrical utility bills! Just remember, these tips are for guidance and not at all necessary. Please do no seal up your whole house just because your sole purpose is just to save electricity! Also, please do not replace all your Plasma TVs with LED TVs if your budget is not there yet. Other than that, you're free to do whatever you want and whatever pleases you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below! I'm sure the community and I will both try our best to help you!