Standard Resume Format

How To: Write a Perfect Resume:

To be honest, the first time I wrote a resume, I was pretty scared too. Looking at all the spaces to be filled, I was scared that I may not have enough things to say about myself and what I have done in the past. Today, however, I am much more confident, as I already have a good solid foundation of how to write a resume. Today I am going to share my experience, and help all of you job seekers in your next job find. How do you write a resume? To start off, simply grab a cup of juice, get a piece of paper, and start brainstorming. Remember, staying calm here is the key to writing a successful resume.

To start of your brainstorming, write down a list of what your reasons are for this resume and another smaller list of what your expertise are. Think about this: out of all the applications, why would they choose you? Be sure to write down all the relevant things you know how to do and any experience you had in this field in the past. Once you have all these basics listed out, proceeding on will be much easier.

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After your brainstorming sheet is done (filled with all relevant information), proceed to the internet and search for the most desirable resume template used in your industry. A simple search on "Resume Templates" in Google will give you thousands of results of sample resumes, resume writing tips, and most importantly, free/paid downloadable resume templates. While you are at it, take a look at samples provided throughout the internet. With a good grasp in mind, you will know what are and what are not good resumes.

The Basics:
To start out writing your resume, fill in the basics of the basics. Fill in your full name, street address, mail address, phone number, and email address plus any other that it asks for. If your normal email address is one like, be sure that you create a new one just for the purpose of this job hunt to make yourself look more professional. Most modern emails have an option to forward all received emails to another address. Make sure to tick that option and key in your usual email. This way, you would not have to go back and forth just for the sake of checking your new barely populated email address.





Tip: Some websites offer a step by step resume filling process. They are usually web based and will guide you through the writing process fairly easily. If you are new to resume writing, be sure to try them out. They are usually free, and only require a payment if you decide to download your finished version in a more advanced format like PDF. Formats like .txt are usually free.





Exeprience and Education:
When you move on to your experience tab, look at your list and choose four to five of the most significant experiences. Write them down and be sure to order them chronologically, with your current/last job first. In the educations tab, similarly, write them down chronologically with your most recent degree first. Fill in any additional workshops or courses that you have taken that you feel will prove advantageous in your job hunt. As far as skills go, make sure to write them down in bullet point forms. Resumes are read VERY quickly, and bullet points are generally a lot easier to spot and read rather than in large bulky paragraphs. Be sure to explain why you are the best candidate for the job, and at the same time not being too cocky.

Proofread and Conclusion:
When you finish your resume, print it out and edit it. Make sure it is not over two pages in length. If you are not in a hurry, leave it on your desk for a day and come back to it later. Often times, we miss important things and we usually do not know about them. Read it again and correct/add all the information or grammar mistakes you have accidentally made on it. Lastly, before submitting your resume to your employer, give it to a friend to proof read. Try to find a person with a long experience in the field of your industry. Generally, any old person in the 50s to 60s will work as they already have a long experience in their own field of work. Once they approve, your resume is set, and ready to be submitted. Remember, always hope for the best, and look into the bright side of all things. If you do not get admitted, find another job. There is always a bright side in the world, and you will definitely find it.