Online Content Writer

It's a great feeling knowing you're able to earn money by writing content online. Now, actually creating enough content to be able to earn can sometimes come as a challenge. It may be because you have a full time job or you're busy with the kids or maybe you're a full time student. It could even be possible that your life includes all of these factors.

You're probably going to be exhausted by the time the day is coming to a close and the last thing on your mind is going to be writing articles online even if it will benefit in the long run. The issue isn't that you don't care or think it will work, it's probably that you're focusing on the big picture instead of taking it one day at a time.

Don't Focus On How Far You Have To Go

Don't think of creating content as "I have 198 articles to type". Set a small daily goal like one article per day for the next month. It turns a mountain into an ant hill and you'll be able to feel good about getting that much closer to your goal rather than feeling like you're not doing anything to get ahead in life.

Fight Fatigue

It's a great idea to grab some coffee before you sit down to write. It will keep you alert and it will definitely give you more energy. Even if you crash later, at least you would have finished a few articles.

It will also help if you take multivitamins or workout first thing in the morning. Exercise is said to leave you more energized as mentally alert just like coffee does, minus the possible crash later. By working out, it's not only making sure you stay active if you're going to be doing this full time; it's a great way to get your rest in after burning some major calories.

Read On A Regular Basis

One thing that creating passive income online takes is time. It may seem silly that you should be reading when you're told to write, but reading helps your English skills and punctuation. It's not mandatory to read things that don't interest you. Any novel, magazine or newspaper is fine. 

I would highly recommend reading about Search Engine Optimization if you're not already familiar with what that is and how to use it with your content.

Plan Content

There's nothing worse than trying to create content and encountering writer's block. It's a frustrating and discouraging feeling. One way to avoid drawing blanks is to make a list of general subjects you'd like to write about. The next time you sit down at your computer, you won't have to worry about trying to write an article without already having a topic in mind.

Make your list at night before bed. Research it if you have time, but if not (or if you already know a great deal about what you've written down) you can research the information you as you're writing.

Start With What You Know

Don't worry about the popularity of a topic. If it's something you are interested in or if it's something you know a lot about, then write about it! Your first goal should be to create quality content and that's all.

When you're writing, make sure to offer the reader something useful. If you're writing about rare coins, think of what information you'd look for if you were to go to a search engine and type in a phrase.

There is always time in the future to expand into unknown territory.

Ask For Help When You're Stuck

One of the great things about InfoBarrel is that the community is filled with writers that are willing to help. If you have a question, don't be too shy to ask. You've been welcomed into an online community with open arms and it only makes sense to seek advice to users more familiar with the InfoBarrel experience.

Increase Your Typing Speed

The faster you type, the more content you can create in a shorter period of time. I don't believe in a typing speed minimum. As long as you're typing faster and more accurately than you were when you started, that's a step in the right direction.

Have Fun

Don't take the fun out of writing. If you're planning to do this full time you're going to get a headache (literally) if you stress too much. Read the site's terms of service and don't feel like you have to stick to serious topics like the mystery of Anne Frank or the condition of the economy.

If writing was fun for you when you started, it should still be fun when you've been writing for the site a year from now.