When water damage in your home occurs, you should act immediately and ensure that all tasks are done within 48 hours. If they are not, than there is a danger that serious mold will start to form. The mold won't necessary be visible to the human eye so here is our quick guide on how to act 48 hours after water damage.

How to Act 48 hours after water damage – The guide to cleaning up quickly.

1 – Take out all movable objects as soon as possible. Depending on the amount of water damage, this can include furniture, curtains, ornaments, pictures. Even if they have not been affected by the water, the room is still a breading ground of moisture and bacteria which leads to mold.

2 – Ensure that all objects that you remove from the room are inspected. If there is too much damage than you will need to throw them away. If they can be rescued than clean them thoroughly with disinfectant.

3 – If there is a lot of water damage than you will need to hire a pump. Otherwise a normal suck vacuum can be used. Do not switch the vacuum or pump off, until all water has been sucked up.

4 – Remove carpeting and place it on a cool dry area. If the water source was dirty than the carpet will need a very good wash.

5 – Remove baseboards and check to see if water has seeped behind them. Also check plastering work for signs of blistering which is caused by condensation.

6 – Open all doors and windows to gain a free flowing supply of fresh air. Switch on a dehumidifier which will remove condensation from the air. Begin to scrub down all areas with disinfectant. This includes doors, window frames and floors.

7 – Leave the de-humidifier working for at least 48 hours. You will be able to tell when you walk in the room if all condensation has disappeared. If it is still then, a musty smell would of started appearing.

8 – Once you are sure that all moisture has been removed, you can start to get your room back to normal. Make sure that all objects going back into the room have dried out thoroughly.

Remember to make a list and take photographs of all items that you have lost. You will need to fill in an insurance claim form. Don't forget as well, to enlist the help of all friends and family so you can clean up water damage within 24 hours and return your home back to pristine condition.