This is a quick and easy explanation about how to "Add A Line" at AT&T. Although all of this information is readily available on the AT&T website, I hope you'll find this topic summary to be helpful.

Things You Will Need

* AT&T cell phone account online

* available credit on your credit card

Step 1

Register your Account online. You can find the link for getting started in the very top right corner of nearly any page on the AT&T wireless site. Once you are Registered, be sure to log in first, any time that you want to start a new line.

Step 2

Once you are logged in, find the appropriate for link for "add a line" or "add a line to my account" or some similar phrasing. First, use the orange main menu bar to find ACCOUNT/Account Overview to reach the main page. Then look to the right and find the area labeled "Quick Links" and there should be a link for adding a line in that area.

Step 3

For starting new service on one phone (the newly added line), you need to get your Cart ready with a Phone and a Plan. Your Plan should be an Individual Plan, since you are needing to start a new line for one person. It is a COMMON ERROR to place a FamilyTalk Plan in the Cart. If you need to start 2 or more new lines, that would work. But if you are only starting one NEW line of service, you need an Individual Plan to go with the phone.

Step 4

Order the phone/plan. You should receive a message that says "Checkout Complete!" or "Your Order Has Been Completed" or something similar, and an Order Number for confirmation.

Step 5

Wait for the new phone to arrive.

Step 6

When the phone arrives, activate it. You can follow the instructions in your booklet that will come with your package, or take the phone to your local store, and they'll do it for you.

Step 7

After the phone has been activated, now you can do something with that line of service. There are several options. You can leave it alone in your Account, as a separate Individual line. This is a great approach if you need one line separate for billing, perhaps as a business line or teenager-paying-their-own-bill line or various other reasons. Or, if you have a FamilyTalk Plan already set up, you can call Customer Care and have them merge the new line into your current Family Plan. Or, if you have an Individual Plan right now, you can also call Customer Care, and they will combine the two lines (your old one and the newly started one) and make the Family Plan for you now. You can also do that yourself in your online account, by following the links and instructions that are in your account.
In summary, remember that if you currently have an Individual Plan, you can not add a line to that "plan" but you can, however, add a new line in your "account", so that you have two individual lines there. Once you have two, you can combine them and make a FamilyTalk Plan.

Many people want to "change to a Family Plan and then add a line" but what you actually need to do is "start a new line and then change to a Family Plan".

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