Adding Google Analytics To InfoBarrel

Track Your Info barrel Traffic With Analytics

Every business person realizes that the most important part of a successful business is traffic. In an off line business traffic means customers who physically enter your business and spend money buying a product or service.

In an on line business traffic means visitors who arrive at your website or article and make a purchase either from you directly or from an affiliate program you are promoting. Not all traffic is created equal. The raw number of visitors to your site is not important. Visitors who successfully purchase a product or service or subscribe to your email list or perform some other desired function from your squeeze page are known as converting traffic.

If you are receiving hundreds of visits from sources such as traffic exchanges or some social media sites who are only interested in finding information or clicking on hundreds of sites to gain credits or perhaps just socializing, than your conversion rate will be very low and you may become discouraged because you are not earning income from large volumes of traffic.

As with any business you need a method of tracking your traffic. Where do your visitors come from? If they are arriving from search engines than it would be important to know what keywords they are searching for when they arrive at your site. Which days of the week or month are your busiest.

Do You Know Why Your Traffic Is Not Converting?

If the majority of your traffic is not converting than you know you have to began a search to discover what the problem is. Are you advertising on the wrong venues? Are the keywords you are optimizing for not buyer's keywords? Are those keywords bringing in information seekers and not paying customers?

Perhaps you are receiving potentially good traffic but your articles or ads are faulty. The only way to know for sure is to test and to use some means of  tracking and analyzing all of your visitors. On your personal sites there are a number of addons  or plugins that will track traffic for you.

If your web host company offers cPanel than you can use AWStats to find the numbers and other information you will need. But with an article directory where you submit your articles you do not have the control or access to use these tools.

This is another area where Infobarrel excels. They provide the ability to add Google Analytics to your account. This program will offer you most of the information you need to make informed, intelligent decisions about your articles. You can in many cases quickly determine where problems are causing loss of income or areas where you can significantly improve your articles thereby increasing income.

Many times you will discover keywords that visitors are using to find their way to your articles that you have not even considered. This is like finding free money. Simply write articles and optimize them for these keywords and bring more visitors to your articles. You can also improve your existing articles by adding these new keywords as relevant words which Google loves to see in on line content.

There are just a few easy steps needed to add Google Analytics tracking to your Infobarrel account.

1. Open a free Google Analytics account.
2. Log into your new Analytics account and add as a new website profile.
3. Copy the new UA number you will receive after you add that profile.
4. Log into your Infobarrel account and click on Account and then on Advertising Profile.
5. Click the change link at the Google Analytics Site ID line and paste in the UA ID number you received from your Analytics site.
6. Click the save button.
7. Return to the page in your Analytics account where you copied the UA number.
8. On that page scroll to the bottom and click on save and your account is now active.

Watch the included video for a demonstration of the process.

Start Analyzing Your Traffic And Watch Your Business Grow

Do yourself and your business a favor and as soon as possible stop working in the dark. Add the Analytics account and use it on a regular basis to find areas where you can improve your Infobarrel articles which in turn will make a significant improvement in your profit. You will also find relief once you know that you are making the best use of your valuable traffic.

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