Get More Views By Introducing Video to Your Articles

Adding YouTube videos to your articles and blog posts is a great way to bring rich media content to your readers.  A picture is worth a thousand words but a video might be worth a hundred thousand words. YouTube is one of the most high traffic sites in the world because people love to watch videos.

This quick tutorial will show how to add a video to a WordPress blog post and an Infobarrel article.  The concepts can also applied to other blogging platforms like Blogger and other revenue sharing sites that have similar functionality.  

First, a note about using YouTube content legally and without jeopardising your Adsense account.

Legality of Using YouTube Videos 

It is important to play within the rules of YouTube and Adsense, both Google businesses.  The short version of the rules is that according to the YouTube TOS you can use YouTube videos as long as these conditions are met: 

==> Only use videos that have the Share Functions like embed and link functions available (some do not allow embedding so these must not be used).

==> Place significant written or other content around the YouTube video(s) that provides  ”sufficient value to be the basis for such (ad) sales”.  In other words you should be delivering value to the reader beyond just posting a bunch of YouTube content and putting ads around it.

These rules are designed to encourage the sharing of YouTube content (which drives traffic to YouTube) while prohibiting people from setting up a video site that just scrapes a lot of Youtube content and slaps ads around them to make money at Google's expense.  

Adsense Rules Around Copyright Material

Adsense does not allow you to place Adsense code/ads on copyrighted material unless you have permission to use the copyrighted material. (fun fact - you can cost an article thief his Adsense account and earnings if you report him to Google Adsense).  

If you follow the YouTube TOS, summarized above, YouTube is giving you permission to use the material, so you are within Adssense TOS to put your Adsense ads around it. 

Remember when posting videos to respect the content rules of Adsense. No violence, promoting illegal activity, sale of prescription or illegal drugs, and no weapons content are examples.

A fuller explanation that quotes the relevent TOS for using YouTube content legally and the implications of using copyrighted material with Adsense ads is linked.

Finding the Video

Identify a video that you want to embed and write about.  Look to the bottom of the video for the Share button and press Share.

For WordPress Users

If you want to Embed the video in your blog choose Embed then specify the size of video you want. Choose a size that will not overlap your sidebars (some testing might be required).

In WordPress as you are creating a new blog post, look for the HTML tab and paste the Embed code into the HTML view.  After you paste in the HTML code go back to Visual and verify that the video is in the right spot.  If you need to move it, you can cut and repaste the video code where you want it. 

For Infobarrel Members

While posting an article, Look for the Add Element box and select Video

Add Element Box from InfobarrelCredit:

A new video element will appear at the bottom of the page.  Click on Edit and you see three boxes:

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Box for the URL of the video - this is where the Video URL goes.

You may or may not want to use the heading and subheading depending on your article design.

You need to get the video URL from a very specific spot - not the nav bar or the provided URL because these will not work!  Back in YouTube look under the video and click Share.  Now under the URL box click Options.  Click the Long Link box. Now copy the displayed URL over to your Infobarrel video element.  

Links that look like this do not work:  You want a link like this:

Infobarrel also supports Vimeo videos and may allow other video sources in the future. Look for a link like this:

Building Your Article

You can have multiple elements in your Infobarrel article and you can arrange them by hitting the up and down arrow buttons on the elements. This article on the World's Scariest Airports uses 24 different Text, Video and Image (photo) elements to build the article. Some of the Text elements also have images dragged into them and aligned right or left rather then placing the smaller images in their own element.

Infobarrel has such a good setup for building quality articles, and such a good revenue share model, it is the ideal place to put articles that may not be a good fit for your blog or website.  You can even create backlinks to your blog from Infobarrel. Friendly helpful staff, a great forum full of useful information and a quality writing platform with manual quality checks combine to make Infobarrel the place to post articles. The site also has monthly contests and an achievement badge and point system to reward active members and motivate people to write more. Quality content gets rewarded via front page features too.

Advanced Ideas

While there are already many videos out there to use, you might consider creating your own video and uploading it to YouTube. You can then embed the video in your blog post or article while YouTube hosts it. In the text that goes with the video on YouTube you can link back to your written content and help drive more readers to your site. 

Video, text and photos together can be used to create viral content. People love a top list of interesting, scary or funny things  and if your content makes them want to share, your views can go through the roof.  A site like Infobarrel is a good place to host potentially viral articles. 

A different way to add Youtube videos to WordPress

This presentation gets into a how to add videos into widgets in Wordpress.  They are also dropping the YouTube URL directly into WordPress without the embed code, which may work on updated versions of WordPress. 

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