Once you've sorted through everything that you own and have your items ready for a yard sale, it's time to start thinking about the best ways to advertise.  The main goal of having a yard sale, is to attract more people towards your home, so that you can sell more items and make a large amount of money.  Advertising for your yard sale is extremely important, and there are a few different methods that you should go about, to ensure that people can be aware that you're having a yard sale, and will be able to locate your house.

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The first method you should do when advertising for your yard sale, is word of mouth.  In a smaller community, word of mouth travels quite a long distance.  Be sure to tell your friends, family, co-workers, and the people that you go to church with.  These people will go to your yard sale, because they are friends with you.  They may bring their families, and they may also tell their friends.  You will be surprised at the success your yard sale will have, simply from the people who are already close to you.  Casually bring it up in conversation, and invite everyone to come out.  Be sure to tell them of any specific items you're selling, this may spark more interest in them.

Another great way to advertise for your yard sale is by inserting an advertisement in your local newspaper.  These typically cost around 25$ for a small print advertisement, and will reel in a lot of customers to your yard sale.  A lot of people typically look through newspaper ads ever weekend, because they are big fans of yard sales.  This will easily direct people to your house for your yard sale.  Just be sure to include your information, such as your address, what kinds of items you may have, the hours of your yard sale, etc.  This will let the people be aware of the specifics.

Also, posting signs and fliers around town with your address and "Yard Sale" will also bring in a lot of customers.  These signs will catch the people who are just driving around, bored and looking for something to do.  You will find that these simple forms of yard sale advertisements will increase how many visitors will come to your house.  Be sure to post the signs and fliers in prominent places.  It also may be a good idea, to start posting fliers a couple weeks in advance, place them in local business, and be sure to make it look very appealing, so that people will want to come to your yard sale.

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The last way that you should be sure to advertise, is to set your house apart from the rest, so that they know that your house is the one that's having the yard sale.  While the person is driving around looking for the house, have something in your yard that tells them that they are at the right place.  This is very important if you have a long driveway.  Simply put a balloon around your mailbox, or put another yard sale sign in your yard.  This form of advertisement will allow people who are trying to find your yard sale, easily become aware that your place is the correct one.

In order to have a successful yard sale, you have to make sure people know about it.  All of your different forms of advertisement should be beneficial for making everyone aware.  Having your sale on the weekend or during the summer is usually the prime time to have a heavy flow of traffic, but if you do a good job at advertisement, it should be successful no matter what.  You can even advertise in neighboring towns if you wish, this may pull in a lot of different people.  Your experience should be exciting and fun, and hopefully bring some money to your wallet.