Companies want to advertise their products where their ads will be seen by the most people. With all the growth in social media platforms, it's no surprise that companies want to advertise on Twitter.

Advertising on Twitter can be done, but you cannot purchase ads directly from Twitter. Twitter has opened up their API which allows 3rd party advertising companies the ability to place ads on Twitter.

There are multiple companies that offer Twitter advertising. They mostly all offer a similar service which allow you to send out a advertisement via tweeting. Use these steps below to spread the word about your product on Twitter.

Things You Will Need

A product or company to advertise
A Advertising budget

Step 1

Customized Tweet

Purchase a Tweet from a Twitter user. Look for Twitter users that have a lot of followers and have previous comments or a bio that relates to your product. Use Sponsored Tweet or to find the top people to advertise with. The more followers a user has, the more it will cost to advertise with them. If the Twitter user is a celebrity their will be another premium to pay.

Step 2

Pre Written Tweet

If you want to control your message use services that allow you to write the tweet yourself. Sign up for RevAds or Assetize. Using these services you write the tweet and it gets sent out into the Twitter world by Twitter users who have signed up to be publishers of your content. You have less control over who publishes your ad but it will still be seen by many Twitter users.

Step 3

Purchase a Twitter users background

Each Twitter user is allowed to customize their background. You can purchase the background images from Twitter users and place your own advertisement as their background. These images ads are usually purchased in weekly or monthly increments and can be bought for a low price. They are a great way to spread brand awareness but they will not drive as much traffic because there is nothing for the user to click on.

Advertising on Twitter is a great way to promote your business. Many people believe that advertising with banner ads is a sideline way to promote your product. Getting into where the people are and promoting your own word of mouth advertising through Twitter can be very profitable.

If you want to advertise on Twitter, start with the methods I've listed above. Track your progress and results to identify trends and campaigns that work best for you.

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