You need targeted traffic, the kind who would be interested in buying your product. While search engine optimization produces the best overall traffic, it's also the most labor-intensive way of getting your site noticed.

That's why paid advertising becomes attractive to many affiliate marketers. There's less writing involved, and the method is straight forward.

However, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can get expensive very quickly. Text ad and traffic exchanges bring plenty of traffic but not necessarily a lot of conversions.

You want to expose your link to the most targeted traffic at an affordable price and still be able to make sales. One of the best ways to do this is by advertising on a blog.

Advertising on a blog is not the same as advertising with a solo ad in an ezine. On a blog, your advertisement will appear as a banner or a text link on the home page and any other designated pages for a scheduled length of time, usually a month or more.

With an ezine, you pay the owner a very high price to have your solo ad emailed to his subscribers. However, you won't know how responsive they are unless the owner gives you his click-through rate.

Will the subscribers even read your email, let alone click on the link you're promoting? Unless you're well-practiced in email marketing, your results can be hit and miss.

Clearly Define Your Audience

First, you must determine your target audience. Look at the product you're trying to promote. Who would benefit from it the most? Narrow down your audience as tightly as possible, or your conversion rate could be lower than expected.

I once placed an ad promoting an internet marketing course on a high-traffic blog. Even though the blog owner was wiling to accept advertisements relating to making money online, his blog content centered around blogging techniques.

My ads received 3000 clicks, but no one signed up to the course. Had my product been related to blogging, I might have made more sales.

How To Find High-Traffic Related Niche Blogs

Once you've clearly defined your audience, you can start looking for blogs to advertise on. Go to the Google browser and type in your niche keyword, the word blogs + "advertise" in quotes.

For example: make money online blogs + "advertise"

Scan all the results until you find one that's suitable. Ignore the results regarding write-for-pay sites.

What Are The Advertising Terms?

Look for the "advertise" tab on your selected blog. It may be at the top, or it may be in the footer at the bottom. Be sure to follow the owner's guildelines.

Most of the time, the blog owner will offer ad space for banners or text links at the top of the blog, the side bar or at the bottom. Avoid the bottom if at all possible unless you feel a reader can easily notice your ad.

Banner ads are usually more costly than text links depending on their size or ad position. I've seen prices range as high as $275 a month.

Text links may range between $50 to $75 a month. These prices are actually pretty good, considering you could easily blow through $200 in one day with an Adwords campaign.

You normally pay the blog owner via PayPal. Some blog owners work though ad networks. If you are planning to use banner ads, be prepared to host the banner image on your own web host. You'll have to supply the blog owner with both the URLs to the image as well as your destination URL.

Make Sure There's Enough Traffic

Be sure the site receives at least 1500 unique visitors per day. Anything less than that might be a struggle to convert.

If the blog owner doesn't reveal his stats, ask him. If he is not willing to tell you, then do not waste your money trying to advertise with the site.

Also make sure the blog is active. Are people commenting? A high-traffic blog can be useless if people are simply just passing through.

Test Your Results

If you don't receive the results you're looking for, keep testing. Maybe you need to change your banner image, your text link verbiage or the landing page you want the visitor to end up on.

Most blog owners are willing to accommodate you with these needs. If something's not working, change it. If it is working, do it more often or for longer.

Advertising on blogs can be an effective, low-maintenance way of driving targeted traffic to your site. The more you can needle-point target your audience, the higher the chance of your product or service making sales.