Everyone likes expensive cars (when I say expensive I mean $50,000 range). They are often filled with technology, exotic looks, fast engines, and luxurious interiors. The only thing that might be holding you back is the price. However, with a change in lifestyle and a practical saving plan, there's no reason why you couldn't afford one! The suggestions here are not ways of getting one overnight, and they might seem somewhat drastic, but if you dream of driving a fancy car it's absolutely possible!



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Do you really need that big house?

I remember being in a situation where I had a house that was so expensive that I couldn't spend my money on anything else. Unless you have a big family, a small house or apartment is all you really need. If you are living by yourself or with a partner, there's simply no need for a large house. Wouldn't you rather have fun driving in a fast expensive car? I can't imagine why someone would want a house with space they don't use over a great car!

Cut Back On Your Day-to-day Spending

This suggestion is an obvious one. Simply cut back on the things you don't need and save the money you don't spend. Eat out at restaurants less, buy less fast food, or cut down your phone bill. Every time you are about to spend money on something that's not necessary, put it towards your dream car fund. That's money you don't use for bills or for anything else but your future expensive car.

Drive A Cheaper Car For Now

If you have an entry-level car, drop it for another one that's easier to pay every month until you save enough for your future luxury car. It's only for the time-being anyway, and low-budget cars are made well these days too! Cars like the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit can be leased for a great price and they're good on gas too. A little compromise now will really be worth it later on when you finally that expensive car on your mind.