Nobody wants to grow old, look old, or act old. We have all seen the people who still try to dress like they are teens, but it's painfully apparent they aren't. Sometimes when you see people like that you are embarrassed for them, but they go on their merry way oblivious to how others are viewing them. You don't have to act old or feel old, but you owe it to yourself to age gracefully. Aging gracefully is an art.

Things You Will Need

the right mind set

Step 1

Exercise. Take an exercise class, a dance class, walk, take tennis lessons, golf lesson or whatever you are interested in, just get moving and stay moving.

Step 2

Be social. Stay in active contact with old friends and make new friends. Get together often for dinners, movies or brain challenging games such as Scrabble.

Step 3

Challenge your brain. Work part time or volunteer to keep your mind thinking, sharp and active.

Step 4

Dress your age. Don't buy clothes that are meant for teens or twenty somethings. Be in style and look nice, but you will look silly in high school and college fashion.

Step 5

Wear age appropriate make-up. Stay current with make-up trends, but don't wear glitter eye shadow because all the kids are. The kids are wearing it because they are kids.

Step 6

Work your brain. Go back to school. You are never too old to learn. Take college courses, art classes or learn to play the piano. Follow one or more of your interests.

Step 7

Eat well. Eating properly helps your body and mind have the proper fuel to keep going.

Step 8

See you doctor. Just because it seems like everything is working fine doesn't mean it is. Stay on top of your good health and keep your health in check.

Step 9

Be comfortable with your age. You are "X" years old, be proud of it!

Be your age, be proud of your age. Don't try to go back in time or stop time. It doesn't work, never has and never will. Embrace your age and age well.

Tips & Warnings